Rams News: Sean McVay admits to taking a page from Dolphins Playbook

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Rams News: Sean McVay admits to taking a page from Dolphins

Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams’ head coach, quickly made a name for himself as one the NFL’s most talented offensive minds after his return in 2017.

He was instrumental in a revival on the offensive side that saw Jared Goff, running back Todd Gurley and quarterback Jared Goff become NFL Offensive Players of the Year. McVay’s creative displays have been refreshing over the years.

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The two-point try against the Green Bay Packers last year was one example. Although it was a smart play by the Rams, it seems they were inspired.

McVay, during this week’s episode “Flying Coach”, with Peter Schrager, revealed that Shane Waldron, the former assistant coach to the Miami Dolphins, is the one who got the credit for the play.

He said, “I don’t know if I’ve had a big brain play but a good play might’ve been the two point play that we scored against Packers where we ended-up throwing a perimeter screening to Van Jefferson and then he turned it to Cam Akers coming from the backfield.” “Greatest coaches are also the greatest thieves. Shane Waldron found it. Keep an eye out for it in the Seattle Seahawks movie next year.”

The play allowed the Dolphins to go up by one touchdown and then eventually secured the 22-12 win in Week 15. Although the Rams lost to the Packers in the end, this play seems undefeated.

McVay recognizing McVay’s contributions just goes to show what a copy-paste league this is. It is the coaching staff that makes the difference. They do their homework and find the right moment to apply it.

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McVay’s staff and McVay had a lot of work this offseason, especially with the arrival of Matthew Stafford. The offense failed to meet expectations last year, and it is now being tailored for Stafford’s skills.

The Rams placed a lot of emphasis on his support cast by adding explosive weapons such as DeSean Jackson or Tutu Atwell. McVay stated that efforts would be made to restore the deep element that was missing from this group during the 2020 campaign.

After sharing some very high praises for Stafford, McVay appears to be enjoying it. McVay’s staff is known for their attention to detail.

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Rams News: Sean McVay admits to taking a page from Dolphins
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