Red Bull chief Toto Wolff responds bluntly to Mercedes after Lewis Hamilton’s incident

Red Bull chief Toto Wolff responds bluntly to Mercedes after Lewis Hamilton's incident

Toto Wolff, Mercedes boss, dismissed the suggestion that Lewis Hamilton wasn’t worthy of the victory at the British Grand Prix. He added “a win IS a win”, and said they would “put it on our scorecard and go on.”

Hamilton’s win has been shrouded by controversy. The Briton battled back from Charles Leclerc’s time penalty and reached the top in front his hometown crowd.

After the Briton was deemed to be in a collision during the first lap, the stewards gave him the penalty. The Briton fought for the position with Max Verstappen, his main challenger.

Tensions flared when the pair collided as they headed into Copse Corner. The Dutchman was sent spiralling towards the Tyre Barrier, and he finished Silverstone’s day without even finishing a lap.

After the crash the world seven-time champion was penalized by the stewards. He served his 10-second penalty in the pits before storming to victory in front a cheering home crowd.

Red Bull was heard fuming at the radio. Christian Horner, the Mercedes boss later called Hamilton “desperate”, and said that Hamilton had won a “hollow win”.

Link” data-name=”Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen high-speed crash verdict” href=”” target=”_blank”>Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen high-speed crash verdict

After the race, Wolff stated that a win is a win while a third for Valtteri bottas is a three. He added that he scored big points today which was enough to win. We put the points on the scorecard, and we move onto the next race.

It was intense, because we were fighting for this championship with all we had. However, we also knew that Red Bull and Honda are performing better than us. We’ve suffered big losses in previous races, but today we won big. This is why it’s always balanced.

Wolff stated, “I believe that it would not have been a huge debate if that was a low-speed or mid-speed corner. Also, what is the penalty for that [whether a five- or 10-second penalty]?” It was high-speed impacts.

It is difficult to take the corner flat by yourself. It is a corner that two cars must drive around. The stewards decided that 10 seconds was sufficient. I think this is because the drivers involved in the accident were not the only ones. It’s much more complex.


Hamilton was the target of much criticism by Verstappen, who described him as “disrespectful” and said he acted “unsportsmanlike”. Horner, however, claimed Hamilton put his driver in hospital and called it “dirty driving”.

Horner stated that he believed it to be a desperate decision when he spoke with Channel 4.

He failed to complete the turn in the first lap. This was something he clearly was geared for, but then it was a desperate attempt to stick a wheel up his inside, which is what you don’t do.

Copse is one the most dangerous corners on the planet, and you boys are able to prove it. It’s not dirty driving to put a wheel on the inside. It’s dirty driving.

Wolff claimed Horner wasn’t biased towards his driver in the incident.

Wolff stated that everyone has an opinion, and that is okay. Wolff stated that every team has a bias toward incidents such as these.

Lewis, according to the commentators about the accident and his driving skills, is a person who drives dirtily. He’s an athlete, I believe.

Although Verstappen did not finish the race, Verstappen is still ahead of Hamilton in driver standings. However, this lead was only eight points going into the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The incident occurred after the Dutchman was transported to the local hospital. He was discharged a short time later.

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