Sammi Perez Is Intubated (Video)

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Sammi Perez Is Intubated (Video)

His representative confirmed that the actor and comedian is fighting for his life after falling ill with COVID-19.

Mexico City.— This Monday, July 19, Sammy’s Doctor They approved it together with their close relatives the comedian was intubated, because the procedures they did in the past their health did not improve, his manager, Eric de Paz reported.

“I have bad news that Half an hour ago he intubated Sammy, did not show improvement, the situation is complicated. those are delicate moments, even though I’m a manager and representative, I don’t have authority in some things, it was The Family That Decided To Be Intubated For your benefit,” his representative explained.

Sammy Perez’s representative Eric de Paz said the comedian was sedated and on intubation.

— Raul Brindis (@raulbrindis) July 19, 2021

Sammy’s girlfriend can’t be with him

sammy uhave a passionate partner that too currently isolated by covid, but not as serious as the 63-year-old comedian, who according to Eric a great effect in your lungs.

“I thinkmiracles exist Well, wait, right now they’ve got him all asleep and hope it happens soon,” de Paz said.

They will ask for donations to help you

the man pointed many of his friends are looking for About her condition and her health, including that of Derbez, who has been in touch with the family. Sammy has no children But she has a brother and a niece who knows about her health and is doing everything possible to meet the expenses.

“A private hospital is expensive, but it focuses directly on the lungs, there it is well taken care of. We are paying We’re looking through a foundation like anyone who wants to donate, we’re seeing that […]”, Eric elaborated.

Comedian Sammy Perez is hospitalized for COVID 19 and his health is said to be critical!!! 🙏

— TelevisaEspectáculos (@TvsEspectáculos) July 19, 2021

As far as his transition is concerned, he said that Sammy never denied taking photos or greetings to his fans, and that the contagion was possibly due to a family commitment. So far, he said, Televisa has not communicated with the family, but several friends in the media are monitoring his health and his hospitalization.

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Who is Sammy Perez?

Sami Perez became famous for his appearances in shows such as XHDRBZ with Eugenio Derbez and in various comedy shows on Televisa. He also has short videos telling stories about his style and distinctive way of speaking, along with other projects he has done for the screen.

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