What happen at Mozilla’s new Ideas platform at Crowdcity? Not much

Mozilla launched a new Ideas platform this June on the third-party platform Crowdcity. The main idea behind the platform was to bring users and Mozilla employees together to share ideas related to the Firefox web browser.

Registered users can post ideas and everyone else may vote on these ideas and leave comments. Mozilla would then decide whether to implement ideas in Firefox or not.

Six weeks later, Mozilla’s Ideas platform looks like a ghosttown. Users are still publishing comments on the site but the last idea was posted three weeks ago to the site. Users are still submitting ideas, but are held in moderation when submitted. A quick test submission to the site confirmed this.

mozilla ideas moderation

Site moderators have not published any new idea in the past three weeks. When you look at their activity, you find that they stopped their activities about three weeks ago.

Has Mozilla abandoned the Ideas platform already? It looks like it on first glance, but there may be an explanation for the absence. Maybe, all administrators and moderators are on Summer holiday currently, or work on different projects. Even then, one would assume that Mozilla would have picked someone to manage the platform in the absence of the other administrators.

Without new content, Ideas looks like it has been abandoned. Besides the lack of new ideas, there is also the problem that no published idea has been labeled as “under consideration”, “partially adopted”, or “adopted”.

It is possible that some are discussed internally by Mozilla and that they will be labeled accordingly once a decision has been made.

Closing Words

Mozilla employees have not interacted with the Ideas platform for at least three weeks each; this is a major problem as new ideas are not published on the site. The absence of staff is also apparent in the comments and the labels that promote ideas to at least a “we are thinking about it” status.

Whether it is already too late to get the site back on track remains to be seen. Mozilla needs to assign at least one moderator or administrator to the site who is approving new idea submissions and interacting with the community.

If that does not happen soon, it is likely that the last die-hard users will abandon the site as well.

Now You: what is your take on this?


What happen at Mozilla's new Ideas platform at Crowdcity? Not much

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What happen at Mozilla’s new Ideas platform at Crowdcity? Not much


Has Mozilla abandoned its Ideas platform that it created in June 2021?


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Not much

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