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Call of Duty Cold War Update news, Black Ops access free, Warzone patch

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Call of Duty Cold War Update news, Black Ops access free, Warzone patch

Activision promised several improvements this week. They started with a smoother Call of Duty Zombies experience.

This week, a new patch was released for Mauer der Toten. It includes stability fixes, Main Quest bug fix, and updates to Klaus’s behavior.

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Treyarch developers added Rush to Multiplayer’s map rotation for core modes, and removed Cranked Hardpoint (NukeJacked 24/7).

A new texture pack option for PS5 has been added to the game. Developers have told gamers this week:

For the best visual experience, PlayStation 5 users will be able download high-resolution texture packs starting today. These packs won’t be automatically installed and must be downloaded manually for MP, Zombies and Dead Ops Arcade.

“If you’ve skipped the one-time download prompt when booting up during Season Four Reloaded, you can find the packs available for download in the in-game Franchise Store.”

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Call of Duty fans have plenty of other plans for the remainder of the week, including Warzone tournaments and free access to the game.

Players will be able download Black Ops Cold War for free starting on Thursday, July 22, and continuing until Saturday, July 29.

This will enable gamers to enjoy multiplayer playlists or Zombies Modes such as NukeJacked 24/7 and Paintball Moshpit. Throwback Moshpit is Party Games. Team Deathmatch is also possible.

Activision has confirmed that there are three additional events this week to be on the radar:

“The battle of KARNAGE Clan will take place on Wednesday, July 21st. For $5,000, members of the popular organization will fight it out at the KARNAGE Clan Warzone Clash.

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Next, get ready for the second round in the Sadie Hawkins Warzone Series. This series features all-women captains competing for $10,000 in Verdansk. The second event starts at 12PM PT/ 3PM ET on Thursday July 22.

“Finally, Friday, July 23rd, the Community Warzone Invitational will continue with the third event of the four-event series. Each event features a $10,000 prize and focuses on emerging Warzone talent.

Published on Wed, 21 July 2021 02:06.51 +0000

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Call of Duty Cold War Update news, Black Ops access free, Warzone patch
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