Camping: Expert warns about common holiday mistakes – “can’t stress enough”

Link” href=”” target=”_blank”>Camping is a popular option for those hoping for a holiday in the UK. Britons have many beautiful locations to choose from.

Make sure to inspect your equipment

It is important to have the right equipment. Before you travel, make sure to take some time to ensure that everything is in order.

This should be completed at least one week prior to the trip.

He stated, “I cannot stress enough the importance of inspecting your equipment one week before your trip – this includes new equipment.


“Even though it is rare, mistakes can happen during the manufacturing/packaging process.

It is better to be alert for missing poles/pegs and damage to the groundsheet before you go.

Equipment that has been stored in a shed for more than a year may have suffered mould growth or other damage.

You can repair or order new equipment prior to your trip, but once you arrive at the campsite you will be in a pinch.

Take along repair tools

David stated that while it is important to check equipment before you go on holiday, it is equally important to be prepared for anything.

Carrying spare parts and repair equipment is a good idea to be prepared for any emergency.

The expert said that even the most high-quality equipment can be damaged by the environment.

A tear in your tent during wet or windy weather could spell doom for your trip.

“However, a kit of repair tools allows you to fix things and move on.

“I wouldn’t go camping without one.”

It is essential to reserve a time slot before you travel to a campsite.

It is important that holidaymakers ensure that the campsite they choose has all the necessary equipment.

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