Piers Morgan blasts Prince Harry’s “sad” and “totally unnecessary” move

Prince Harry, 36 years old, will publish an “intimate, heartfelt” memoir published by Penguin Random House in the latter part of 2022. Yesterday, he stated that he is writing his book not as the prince whose birth he was but as the man whose life shaped him.

He said, “I have worn many hats over my life, both literally as well as figuratively. My hope is that by telling my story, including the highs and lows, mistakes and lessons learned, I can show that we all have more in common than our backgrounds.”

“I am deeply grateful to have the opportunity to share the lessons I’ve learned throughout my life and eager for people to read an honest and firsthand account of mine that is both accurate and truthful.”

Prince Harry’s announcement certainly made headlines, and has sparked many reactions on social media.

Piers Morgan, 56 has shared his thoughts via Twitter and took aim at the choice of the royal in his latest Daily Mail column.

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He wrote, “Harry is a sell-out and this is just one example of him selling out.

It’s sad, pathetic and completely unnecessary.

“But Harry doesn’t care about that.”

“Like his wife Meghan [Markle], it doesn’t matter who he cares about except himself.”

He then referred to the Duke of Sussex, calling him a hypocritical, self-obsessed royal brat.

Piers has been referring to the royals before.

In March, Prince Harry and Meghan gave an “explosive” interview to Oprah.

This was the couple’s first interview since they had stepped down from senior roles. It caused quite a stir.

The Duchess of Sussex spoke out about her time in the Royal Family.

She claimed she felt suicidal at one point and that an unnamed palace member had worried about Archie’s skin colour.

Prince Harry later declined to identify the source.

Piers attacked the pair after their interview and claimed he didn’t believe anything they said.

His comments on Good Morning Britain generated over 57,000 Ofcom complaints. One of them was from Meghan.

Piers was announced by ITV that Piers had left the show.

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