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Used vehicle spotlight

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We hope that you are ready to see many new Ford Broncos – two-doors and four-doors – on the roads over the next few months. This large influx of off-roaders coming from the Blue Oval isn’t new. The new Bronco, which is available for purchase in 2021, is actually the sixth generation of this model line.

It all began in 1966 with a basic machine that could compete against the Jeep CJ and International Scout. We’ll be fast-forwarding a few decades to look at the fourth, fifth and sixth generations of the Bronco in order to see what they might offer buyers who are looking for something vintage but still modern and reasonably affordable.

Ford made the Bronco a full-size platform, which shared many of its underpinnings and the F-Series pickup trucks back in 1978. In 1980, the package was updated a little and again in 1987. The fourth generation Bronco was made until 1991. It was then superseded in 1996 by the final full-sizer. In case you were wondering, was the most famous Ford Bronco in the world. It was an all-white version that was produced from 1993.

Why choose the Ford Bronco

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The popularity of the Bronco has increased since the sixth generation was introduced. The Bronco is a popular choice for buyers who appreciate the benefits of an SUV, but don’t require the practicality and versatility of a four-door. The Bronco, despite being a large vehicle, is much more maneuverable than its pickup truck counterparts. It also has a removable hardtop that protects the rear half of the vehicle making it suitable for all sorts of off-road and on-road adventures.

Although it is unlikely that anyone will mistake a vintage Bronco as anything similar to the modern day drivers, it has a certain charm. A powerful V8 engine under the hood, rugged body-on frame design, blocky styling, and true four-wheel driving make this a compelling vehicle for some buyers.

There are plenty of large Broncos all over the country due to their long run without any major modifications, although not many. This means parts are easy and the drivetrain is easy to maintain and service. The Bronco is an attractive fellow, there’s no doubt about that. Below, you can see the 1987 edition and the 1996 final-year Eddie Bauer.

Which Ford Bronco should you choose?

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You’ll first need to decide which generation you want. A fourth- or fifth-generation model would be our choice. Depending on how important you are to safety and a removable top, the decision between them may not be easy. It did not have three-point safety belts to protect the rear passengers, so it was easy to take off the fourth-gen model that ran from 1987-1991. 1991-1996 models featured safer, more modern belts. This means that removing the top is more difficult.

Safety equipment is not very extensive. In 1987, the rear wheels received anti-lock brakes. They were replaced in 1993 by a four-wheel ABS system. The driver received an airbag the following year.

There were many powertrain options available over the years. However, most Broncos for sale will have a V8 that ranges from 5.0 to 5.8 Liters and an automatic transmission. Final considerations when buying a Bronco are the trim level, available options, and price. A Bronco of the fourth- or fifth generation is expected to be priced at least $20,000, with some cases a little more. It will also have a lot of mileage. Low-mileage models can be very rare and often fetch twice the price of more desirable models. This is because the Bronco is a collectible that’s only beginning to age.

Search our used vehicle listings to find the best deal in your area. To see how vehicles compare to others in the same area, narrow down the listings by using your ZIP code.

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Although there isn’t much demand for two-door, full-size SUVs these days it has not always been so. Full-size Chevrolet Blazers, GMC Jimmy/Yukon, and Dodge Ramcharger were all competitors to the Bronco in their day. They are becoming more sought after and harder to find in good shape.

The Jeep CJ and Wrangler line offer better off-road capability than the competition but at the cost of comfort and space. A similar adventurous buyer may also be attracted to any of the older, two-door, short bed pickup trucks.

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Used vehicle spotlight
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