An analytics firm thinks that Nintendo Switch is the best family. Systems will be sold more than 155,000,000 units by 2025


An analytics firm thinks that Nintendo Switch is the best family.
Systems will be sold more than 155,000,000 units by 2025

Piers Harding Rolls is an analyst with Ampere Analysis. He stated that Ampere Analysis believes the Nintendo Switch system will sell over 155,000,000 units by 2025. According to the company, the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model), which was recently introduced by Ampere Analysis, will be sold approximately five million units before 2021. On 8 October, the Nintendo Switch (OLED Mod) will go on sale. Piers Harding Rolls believes that the updated model will gradually replace the existing model. He doesn’t think that Nintendo will launch a more powerful Switch Pro model. The Kyoto-based company is expected to release the next generation of their platform in 2024.

He says that improving the Switch’s flagship model will give the platform more momentum and make it ready for the future. The OLED version will be preferred by many of the later adopters who were interested in the Switch’s current flagship model.

I believe these mainstream users will get swayed by the larger screen and its better legibility. The audio quality in social media play is also a plus. This will encourage Switch owners who use it a lot in handheld mode, and those with the original Switch prior to the battery upgrades, to upgrade.

He predicts the OLED Model selling around 5 million units by 2021. After that, it will be “slowly replacing the flagship model” in 2022. Ampere Analysis believes this will lead to increased sales of the Switch device family, with it expecting to sell over 155 million units before 2025. This would place Nintendo Switch as the most popular console ever, surpassing the PS2’s lifetime sale and a million more than the DS, the current Nintendo record holder.

Harding-Rolls believes that another Switch is in development, but doesn’t anticipate seeing it anytime soon. “I don’t think the Switch OLED is a temporary release prior to a more powerful Switch becomes available — I’m certainly not expecting the Switch Pro in 2022. It’s too late in this cycle to bring such a device. My current expectation is that Nintendo’s next-generation console will launch in 2024. I don’t think Nintendo will delay adding more power.


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