Fortnite Update 17.20 PATCH NOTICES, Bugha Mode, Kevin More: Slipstreams, Cube, and Other

2. Update:Fortnite players have discovered new features in the 17.20 data file update.

Fortnite Insider Shiina claims that Slip Streams could be back in the game very soon after Epic changed the properties of this popular feature.

Hypex noted that new Kevin the Cube sequences have been added to Fortnite, confirming earlier reports that the Cube would be returning to Fortnite in a new event.

Latest:Epic Games, Fortnite’s developer has removed the game from its servers for an update of 17.20.

The servers will likely be down for at most a few hours if there is no update within a month.

Epic Games has announced that they are beginning to disallow services as preparations for the v17.20 upgrade. Server downtime will begin soon. We’ll notify you when the downtime is over!

Original:Fortnite players are eagerly awaiting the release of the 17.20 Update on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

Epic Games finally gave a release date for Fortnite’s long-awaited update.

Fortnite players can now download the patch on July 20, at 7:30 PM BST UK Time. The update will launch alongside some server downtime that is expected to last until 10am.

Epic Games announced the news via Twitter. They also provided a preview for what was to follow in update 17.20.

Epic tweeted, “Set out as a Champion with Bugha’s late game mode,”

The release of Fortnite v17.20 has been scheduled for July 20. Services will be temporarily disabled to prepare for the update. 02:30 AM ET (06:30 UTC). This is a different time from usual.

Epic Games claims that the update will affect career statistics, however, they should be restored after it is over.

Epic Games also confirmed that they will be adding a Preferred Item Slots option to their game. Users can assign weapons to their slots by using this feature.

Below are the notes for Fortnite’s 17.20 update.

Fortnite patch 17.20 notes…

Questions general:

After being collected, new items are automatically fitted.

In some cases, new items will be automatically equipped when they are picked up.

Reactivity of Grimey outfit not working.

– Reactivity in the Grimey Outfit isn’t working.

* It is difficult to scroll through the player list using Voice Chat tab.

If the list of players is very long, controller users may find it difficult to scroll through them in Voice Chat.

* Incapable of performing Last Forever Emote.

After selecting the Last Forever Emote, players may not be able to use it.


Replay Mode can cause lighting issues.

Replay mode lighting is appearing darker than usual while we investigate the issue.

* An incorrect crosshair is displayed when you use Rail Gun in Creative.

Investigating an issue which causes Incorrect Crosshairs to occur when Rail Gun is used in Creative gameplay.

* Players can experience an infinite loading screen while flying from Island.

Players are experiencing an infinite loading screen upon leaving the Island. We are investigating this issue.

Battle Royale

Ziplines temporarily disabled

Ziplines temporarily unavailable due to an issue

Temporarily disabled Vendor Rifts

Rifts purchased from vendors are temporarily unavailable due to an issue

* Sometimes, Epic Chests do not offer weapons for Arena.

Occasionally, players might search for an Epic Chest in Arena or Supply Drop in Arena to receive no weapons. This is an issue that we are investigating.

* At the moment, Arena Division/tournament Details buttons are not responsive on controller.

We are aware that the button to enter Arena Division/tournament information is not responding on controller. This issue is being addressed.

The shortcut to the Crafting menu, ‘Hold inventory button’ isn’t working.

– Instead of going to the Crafting Menu, the ‘Hold inventory button’ shortcut leads to the Inventory list.

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