Google is shutting down Google Bookmarks

Google is shutting down Google Bookmarks on September 30,2021

Google is shutting down Google Bookmarks

After 16 years of service, Google is close to pack up a service that isn’t alright known. On September 30, 2021 “Google Bookmarks” are going to be closed off for all users.

The announcement has been fairly quiet, but as was spotted in the week , a banner now appears on Google Bookmarks explaining that the service will “no longer be supported” later this year. Google will stop access after September 30, 2021.

After September 30th 2021, Google Bookmarks will not be supported. to save lots of your bookmarks, click on “Export bookmarks.”

This doesn’t come the maximum amount of a surprise, really, as Bookmarks may be a service that a lot of Google users have probably never even interacted with. The service has been around for 16 years at now , and despite its name, doesn’t have anything to try to to with the bookmarks saved in Google Chrome. The service was employed by some third-party apps and as a cross-device bookmarking tool by some.

While Bookmarks isn’t a service that’s widely employed by most people , its closure may need an impact on a way bigger service. We noted that “Starred” locations in Google Maps are held within Google Bookmarks, and as far as we will tell, these two services still sync. meaning that “Starred” locations may find yourself being deleted when October 1 rolls around.


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