Hearts of Iron IV costs one dollar

Hearts of Iron IV costs one dollar

Hearts of Iron IV costs one dollar

Grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV allows you to experience the entire war. The Cadet Edition of Paradox’s World War II Strategy Game is available in a special bundle from Humble. The whole game for just $1

Hearts of Iron IV Cadet Edition contains the base game as well as the Poland: United and Ready DLC. You also get some wallpapers and an avatar from the Paradox forums. This item normally costs $39.99/PS34.99 so it’s a great deal to get one for less than that.

You can beat the $9.64 average donation and get three more DLCs. There’s 2017’s Death or Dishonor which adds country focus trees to Yugoslavia, Romania, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. And Together For Victory which was launched in 2016 adds focus trees for British Commonwealth countries. The Hearts of Iron IV Radio Pack adds 35 songs that are specific to each faction, including the Allies, Axis and Comintern. Each faction’s UI will have a historic look.

For $18, the largest bundle includes the DLC packs Battle of the Bosporus and Man the Guns as well as Waking the Tiger and the Axis Armor Pack. You’ll only be missing 2020’s La Resistance for major expansions at this level.

According to Humble, this is a total retail value of $127 of Hearts of Iron IV. Humble will have the bundle that you want. You will automatically support water, One Tree Planted and the American Red Cross. However, you have the option to choose other charities.

If you’re looking for some help, check out our guide on the best Hearts of Iron IV console commands and cheats. It is a complex game so take a breather.

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