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Sphere is a Sci-Fi city-builder that takes place inside a floating. bubble

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The city-builder has been moving from terrestrial cities to environments like a winter apocalypse, or back of a giant beast. Now Sphere – Flying Cities will bring this genre to the bubble. Steam Early Access will release the post-apocalyptic management title this fall. It combines city-building with space-bound survival.

Sphere is a fictionalized version of Michael Crichton’s 1987 novel and 1998 movie. You are responsible for colonizing the moon’s ruins after it was destroyed by an asteroid. You will need to manage an anti-gravity device as well as a shield that spherical repels radiation to safeguard your citizens against an impending demise.

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You’ll have to prevent death from the empty space. However, you will also need to provide basic needs such as shelter and food for your people. You’ll use drones to search distant areas for survivors and new resources in a system which sounds like Frostpunk.

You can see the trailer here.

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You can find more information about upcoming PC games at this link.

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Sphere is a Sci-Fi city-builder that takes place inside a floating.
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