WoW Classic Tournament Countdown

WoW Classic Tournament Countdown: Burning Crusade Arena Tournament

WoW Classic Tournament Countdown

Blizzard announced that it will launch the next major World of Warcraft Classic Event on Battle.Net in this week’s announcement.

The Burning Crusade Arena Tournament features the best 16 teams from North America and Europe.

The best of the best will advance to Saturday’s Classic Arena Tournament broadcast.

Blizzard will announce the Arena Tournament on Twitch and YouTube.

The epic finale of WoW Esports’ first Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament has been set.

The remaining three teams are made up of top 3v3 players from around the globe and have successfully mastered Arena to be eligible for a $30,000 prize pool.

“CAT” is our celebration for all things WoW PvP, since we go back to 2007’s greatest game and the place WoW Esports began.

We’ll have special guests casters and Burning Crusade Classic Lead Producer Holly Longdale. So make sure you read the rest to catch every moment of this classic weekend.

Arena World Championship casters Supatease and Venruki will run the desk throughout the weekend. They will be joined by Esfand and MrGMG and Pikaboo.

Holly Longdale will join the team to cover the top plays and games.

With the complete schedule, click here:

  • Location:,
  • Co-Streams (Players can stream matches via their channels)
  • Dates: Friday July 23, 8:00 p.m. Sunday July 25, 2:00 a.m.
  • Broadcast start time: 10:00 am PT
  • Prize: $30,000 (USD), split into $15,000 per region
  • First: $5,000
  • Second: $3,500
  • Third: $2,000.
  • Fourth: $1,500
  • 6th/6th Grade: 1,000
  • 7th/8th: 500
  • Format: Best of five Double-Elimination

You should note that the Tournament is not all there. There will also be top Arena events in World of Warcraft.

Open the Group Finder (default key: i) and select Player vs. Click the Player tab at the bottom, then click Casual to choose Arena Skirmish, and you can join the battle.

Matching up with your teammates will be done. You can also find opponents in the Arena. The Premade tab allows you to queue up for Premade groups or make your own.

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