American Truck Simulator devs detail Wyoming's historic
Weigh stations

American Truck Simulator devs detail Wyoming’s historic Weigh stations

SCS Software’s latest truck game offers the chance to travel virtual in some of the most mundane places. American Truck Simulator will soon take us to Wyoming. Today, the developers offer a preview of some key locations that truckers need to visit when they travel to Wyoming. Or scales as all truckers I know have called them.

The blog entry states that “while the purpose of weigh stations is not changing and may seem to be trivial to many, they have become known and unique places to many,” according to the developers. The unique and rich history of Echo Point of Entry will be fondly remembered. This station was constructed prior to the construction of Interstate 80. Commercial vehicles have been supported in the area since 1952.

We just learned about the history and operation of the I-80 weighstation in an article on a videogame.

This is how the Echo POE appears in-game.

The Evanston POE.

This is the stunning view from the Alpine POE.

Finally, we have the Cheyenne I-25 POE.

Although the Wyoming DLC has yet to be released, we are hopeful it will soon. At the very least, I will have an opportunity to discuss other landmarks in the transportation industry.

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