Chris Hemsworth just pulled up to a KFC drive-thru and blew

Chris Hemsworth just pulled up to a KFC drive-thru and blew $72

Chris Hemsworth just pulled up to a KFC drive-thru and blew

You received four chicken popcorn meals and 15 chicken original pieces, as well as a Zinger combination.

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It is not easy to bulk up and look like Hulk Hogan, legendary wrestler.

Chris Hemsworth is the Australian actor set to play the role of the legendary athlete in the biopic for Netflix.

Hemsworth’s results are not only from his intense workouts and transformations, which are prominently displayed on his Instagram account — but they are actually from KFC’s fast food purchases.

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Twomoi, a popular celebrity gossip Instagram account reported that actor Pop visited a KFC New South Wales to order $72.25 worth chicken. This included four chicken meal options and 15 chicken pieces.

Before heading out, the actor took a photo with some of the workers at the drive-thru window.

Hehe, even Thor can have his cheat days!

In a Page Six interview, Hemsowrth spoke with Luke Zocchi, Hemsowrth’s trainer and Bobby Holland Hanton about how food plays in his weight loss.

Zocchi explained to the outlet that when we prepare for films like “Thor,” it is a huge increase in food. He eats six to eight meals per day.

Zocchi stated that Hemsworth targets 450 calories for each meal, which would translate into a staggering 3,600 calories daily.

The actor previously stated that he over-eaten on protein in the lead up to filming and while filming. He also ate a lot of tuna, avocados, cottage cheese and brown rice.

Yum! is the parent company of KFC. Brands (YUM), which operates Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

Yum! Yum!

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