CS:GO developers launch 'Dreams and Nightmares,' $1,000,000 art

CS:GO developers launch ‘Dreams and Nightmares,’ $1,000,000 art contest

CS:GO developers launch 'Dreams and Nightmares,' $1,000,000 art

Valve, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s developer has created a competition that it believes to be the biggest ever gaming art contest. It’s called “Dreams and Nightmares” and offers a $1 million prize pool.

Contest participants will be asked to design new CSGO weapon skins based on the themes of – yep! – nightmares and dreams. In a press release the developer stated that it is looking for 10 “original, shippable and dream-themed weapon finishes”. Each of the winning entries will be awarded $100,000 and added to the game’s live stream. You can get an idea of the requirements of Valve by visiting the link below. It has many examples of themes and flavours the studio is looking for.

If you are interested in entering but not familiar with creating workshops content, there are some helpful links that will help. Studio also emphasizes that submissions must contain original elements. They encourage entrants include concepts, mood boards and photos from which they have drawn inspiration to illustrate their process.

You can also create your design using the CSGO Workshop Workbench. You will need a non-limited Steam account with purchase(s) of $5 or more to be eligible.

The deadline to submit entries is October 21. Winners will be contacted by November 21. You can find all the details and rules on how you can give it a try at this site.

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