Diablo 3 Season 24 release date and start time countdown
One and 4

Diablo 3 Season 24 release date and start time countdown One and 4

Diablo 3 Season 24 release date and start time countdown
One and 4

Diablo 3 Season 24 promises to be an exciting season for fans who have been playing the game since its inception. There are powerful new challenges and items that will launch this week, as well as special rewards.

D3: Season 24 will be available for all gamers, including those on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. However, there may be some differences in the start times depending on which platform you use.

Season of Ethereal Memories offers new Rewards and Legendary Items, along with powerful new Weapons to use.

According to Blizzard’s official patch notes Ethereals will become a new type of weapon that players can acquire and hunt as part their seasonal adventure. 21 of the most iconic weapons from Diablo 2 will return in this patch to help players get ready for September’s Resurrected.

The powerful set of affixes that Ethereals can roll includes a Random Class Weapon Legendary power and a Random Class Passive power.

The Ethereals will have unique items, sounds, icons and names that were not found in Diablo 2:

These new weapons are being touted as the best weapon for Season 24, so there’s a lot of curiosity about when it all will start.

With an official launch date shared earlier in the week by the team, Diablo 3 Season 24 will begin on Friday, July 23rd 2021.

The Season 24 release date is included, but console or PC users might experience different wait times.

The Battle.Net launch of previous seasons of Diablo 3 was ahead of other versions of Diablo 3 outside North America. This could also be true for this week.


Blizzard confirmed Friday July 23rd 2021 as the release date for Diablo 3 Season 24.

Season 24 of Diablo will begin at 5pm, according to the development team.

You can see the full schedule here. D3: Season 24 starts at 5:00 PM PDT in North America and at 5:00 PM CEST in Europe. It ends in Asia at 5:00 PM KST.

Diablo 3 console players might need to wait longer as Season 24 could launch at 1am BST July 24.

It will be dependent on whether Blizzard has linked the console launch to the North American release time for the PC.

Season 24 is expected to last for at least three more months and may end near the October 2021 deadline on PS4, Xbox One or PC.

The Season Journey will focus on Ethereal Weapons, Items and Rewards. Blizzard may also choose to return rewards from previous seasons.

This means that Season 24 will see the return of awards previously available in Season 12. Portraits based on the High Heavens, in addition to the Chest- and Gloves slots from the Conqueror Set will also be available.

Diablo players will be able also to experience Ethereal Memories by finishing the Season 24 Guardian Journey. This journey allows them to obtain the Terror Resurrected portrait and the Lesser Mummy Pet.

The Season Journey will include these class sets in Haedrig’s Gifts.

  • Stratagem of Monk and Uliana
  • Natalya’s Vengeance – Demon Hunter
  • Crusader, Seeker of Light
  • Wizard – Vyr’s Amazing Arcana
  • Barbarian – Immortal King’s Call
  • Spirit of Arachyr – Witch Doctor
  • Trag’Oul’s Avatar – Necromancer

You will be rewarded with three Haedrig Gifts for completing Chapters 2, 3 and 4. These include a small selection of pieces from your Class Sets.

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