Eric Clapton “refuses” to participate in shows, if vaccination proof is needed

Eric Clapton "refuses" to participate in shows, if vaccination proof is needed

Eric Clapton wasn’t happy with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement last week. Johnson stated Monday that he didn’t wish to see nightclubs close again like they did elsewhere. However, it is important that nightclubs do socially responsible things.

Johnson continued: “As last week we stated, we reserve the right at any time to require certification if necessary to reduce transmission.

“I should also inform you that once all 18-year-olds have been double jabbed, we will make complete vaccination the condition for entry into nightclubs or other places where large numbers gather.”

Clapton responded to the Telegram post by Robin Monotti, film producer and architect: “Following Monday’s PM announcement on July 19th 2021 I feel honored to make my own announcement.

“I would like to state that I won’t perform on any stage with a disqualified audience.” (sic).

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Clapton said, “Unless all persons are allowed to attend the show, I reserve my right to cancel it.”

For music concerts, no proof of vaccination is required at the moment.

These comments are in response to the musician’s rant regarding receiving AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccination.

In May, he stated that he had taken the first AZ jab and immediately experienced severe reactions lasting ten days. It took me twelve weeks to recover and I was informed that the next one would take place 12 weeks later.

Clapton continued: “About six months later, I was offered the second AZ shot and accepted it. However, with a bit more information about the dangers.

“The reactions I got were terrible. My hands and feet became numb, frozen or burned for about two weeks. (I have peripheral neuropathy so I shouldn’t have been near the needle.)

He said, “But the propagandists claimed the vaccine was safe and effective for all.”

According to the NHS, vaccines are “the best way to protect against infectious diseases.” The vaccines “reduce the risk of becoming seriously ill, dying or spreading COVID-19,” as well as reducing your chances of contracting or spreading COVID-19.

Sir Patrick Vallance, chief scientific advisor to NASA, said that nightclubs could become “potentially super spreading events” because of the dense crowds.

“I expect that we will continue to see an increased number of cases with the opening of nightclubs,” he said.

We will also see outbreaks related specifically to nightclubs.”

Piers Morgan recently took aim at Clapton’s comments regarding the vaccine.

Morgan stated in his Daily Mail column that Eric Clapton, the rock star and legend of rock, tried to discourage people from getting the jab. He claimed the side effects caused him to fear he wouldn’t perform again.

The 76-year old guitarist didn’t realize that live music wouldn’t return if people heeded his warning to not get vaccinated. Many of his peers would die from the disease.


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