Fast and Furious' star Dwayne Johnson laughed at Vin Diesel critiques

Fast and Furious’ star Dwayne Johnson laughed at Vin Diesel critiques

Fast and Furious' star Dwayne Johnson laughed at Vin Diesel critiques

Johnson was cast as Luke Hobbs in Fast and Furious. Vin Diesel and his entire family were also present when Johnson joined the franchise. The pair worked well together on-screen to face Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), although their disagreements didn’t last long. Diesel asked Diesel about their feud earlier in the year. Johnson said that he could offer Johnson a lot tough love when he worked with him.

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Diesel continued: “Not Felliniesque but I would do whatever it takes to get performances in any of my productions.”

Johnson was asked his opinion about these remarks in an interview for the Disney film Jungle Cruise. Johnson replied, “I laughed and laughed hard.

Everyone had a good time. Let me leave it at this. They are my best wishes. (Via The Hollywood Reporter).

After revealing that he was not returning to Fast and Furious, the Jungle Cruise actor said so.

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Johnson stated, “I wish them luck on Fast 9!” Johnson said: “I wish them well on Fast 9 and Fast 11 as they make the Fast & Furious films that will not be with me.

He was interviewed with his Jungle Cruise star Emily Blunt. Blunt laughed and said, “Just thank God he was there.”

Thank God. “He carried you through it.” Johnson continued by saying, “Felliniesque,” jokingly.

Johnson isn’t the only one who has criticized Diesel over their long-term relationship.

Johnson continued: “What I realized is that there was a fundamental difference between our philosophies about how we approach filmmaking and collaboration.”

It took me time but it was worth the wait. We will continue to work together, whether we do so again.”

Jonhson won’t be appearing alongside Diesel on future Fast and Furious episodes, but he will still be in the film universe.

Statham and he previously starred together in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.

Hobbs & Shaw already has a sequel in development, which means Johnson and Statham will return to the big screen together soon.

The title of the film has yet to be announced. However, it will address The Director’s identity.

Amazon Prime allows you to view the Fast and Furious series.


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