Spotify private playlist

How to create a Spotify private playlist

Spotify recently removed the ability to set a playlist as private in a desktop update. You probably noticed this change immediately, and your group chat exploded over it. Keep calm, though. You can make your playlist private using the Spotify mobile app so that no one knows what music you are listening to.

Spotify private playlist
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On desktop, when creating a playlist you only have the option of “Remove From Profile.” This means that “Friend Activity” will show your followers you’re still listening even though the playlist is not featured on your profile.

Private playlist titles, however, will not show up in “Friend Activity” and are only visible if the playlist link is shared with another user. If you listen in a private session, however, songs will still appear in Friend Activity.

Follow these steps to keep your Spotify playlist secret if it is too public and can be seen by others.

Making a Spotify playlist private:

1. Open Spotify App

2. Navigate to your private playlist

3. Tap on the gray dots

How to Make Spotify Playlist Private or Public in 2 Ways

Tap the three gray dots.
Credit: Screenshot: Spotify


How to Make Spotify Playlist Private or Public in 2 Ways

Select “Make Private” to make your playlist private.
Credit: screenshot: spotify

You have your Spotify playlist. No one can see it. You can now try more Spotify hacks.

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