Mackay aiming for Ross County success

Mackay aiming for Ross County success

Mackay aiming for Ross County success

Malky Mackay hopes Ross County will continue from the relegation battle of last season – even though the campaign’s start has been hampered due to coronavirus.

After six years of being away from the Scottish FA for six years, John Hughes left the job to take over club management after the last season.

MacKay was excited to help Ross County grow, but he lost his initial plans when a coronavirus epidemic forced him from the Scottish League Cup matches against Dundee and Forfar Athletic.

Mackay spoke exclusively to Sky Sports News and said that although it was challenging for them, everyone is starting to return to their former selves.

It affected everyone in different ways.

“But, we are on the mend and I have been here almost six weeks and truly enjoying it.

It’s an excellent club. There’s also a training area right in the stadium. This is comparable to the Old Firm club’s best. The club has a lot of transition.

“It has meant that 15 club players left this summer. It really is a big change. We have to get more players in.”

Mackay draws inspiration from St Johnstone’s achievements last season. He finished fifth in the Scottish Cup, and also won the Scottish League Cup.

Mackay said, “It is an inspiration that there can be days like those and you only need to look at two or 3 clubs that have done well in particular seasons for inspiration.”

Our initial goal is to stabilize the club, and then we will move on towards that sixth spot.

Ross County needs to see the bright side. There’s a strong Premiership in this year’s election so we’re going to have to work together.

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