Mercedes Vision EQXX – 750 mile prototype electric vehicle Teased

Mercedes has begun preparations for the Vision EQXX electric prototype car. It could be unveiled at Mercedes’ strategy event, where it will discuss its future in e-mobility.

Mercedes first teased the EQXX EV last year. It boasts the greatest electric range and efficiency among all battery-powered vehicles. A new teaser image has been released by Mercedes, giving a clearer view of the vehicle’s styling than the silhouetted profile photo.

The Mercedes 2020 strategy update first revealed the prototype. Although the firm has yet to reveal any technical details, a slide that teased “Beijing Shanghai on one Charge?” suggested that the prototype will cover at least 750 mi.

The project’s engineers claim that improving the aerodynamic efficiency of a car is more important than increasing its battery capacity. Mercedes engineers stated that while it is easier to add a larger battery to a car, this can lead to diminished returns. Efficiency of the vehicle and its powertrain is key.

Mercedes’s new teaser image suggests this emphasis on aerodynamic efficiency. It has a small frontal area and the transition between the bonnet and the windscreen is curved to improve airflow. The only visible intakes are located on the bonnet.

Unfortunately, there won’t be a direct EQXXX-based Mercedes EV. The prototype is expected to serve as a demonstration of the Mercedes EQ’s technological capabilities. But, Mercedes EQ bosses confirmed that they will use the lessons from this prototype to improve the future production models.

Markus Schafer (head of Mercedes’s Research and Development) spoke at the 2020 Strategy event. He said, “Today, I want to tell you about our plans to really go beyond. To see a new frontier in range and efficiency. We need to find new ways of working in order to accelerate product development and technological advancement.

We have assembled a team of engineers who will take on the extraordinary task of building the most efficient and longest-lasting electric vehicle the world has ever seen. It is an ambitious project that aims to develop next-generation technology. The learning will be incorporated into our next-generation series production cars.

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