New World close beta news key for Steam and Amazon

New World beta keys were distributed and you still have the chance to play this MMO.

Good news, folks who took the New World Test this week know that you still have time to take part.

Pre-ordering the game through Amazon or Steam is the best way to get the game. The current price of the game is $39.99

Preorders on Steam are automatically granted access to Closed Beta. “New World Closed Beta” will also appear in your Steam Game Library.

Pre-orders placed on Amazon within 48 hours of order confirmation will be sent an invitation. Steam is the fastest way to gain access quickly.

New World developers also have good news to share with those not wanting to spend money yet.

You can sign up for access to New World by going to this site.

Amazon has sent a message explaining that you are eligible for Closed Beta. You can either sign up from this page to be eligible or pre-order Steam or Amazon to gain access.

We will random select testers from our sign-up page during Closed Beta at regular intervals. To see if an invitation has been sent to you, make sure you check your email after you sign up.

If you’ve been accepted to Closed Beta via the Amazon tester sign up page, or ordered on Amazon through preorders, you will be given a Steam Key. This key can be used through your Steam Library to activate a Steam Key.

Once your key has been redeemed you will see the “New World Closed Beta” in your Steam Game Library. Click here to download. You should then be able log in to play the Closed Beta.

Amazon will also host the Battle for the New World beta event. It is set to conclude on August 2, and features Twitch Streamers.

Every Faction will compete to be victorious. The team that has the most points will win the event.

Each member of the winning team receives 100 copies to distribute to their local communities.

Every member of the winning crew will be given a Twitch Drop that they can use on their channel for the first week following New World’s launch in August.

Each team competing in Battle for New World is made up of 10 Governors and a Faction Leader. They will decide the best way to keep their team at the top of this Leaderboard.

Will they be able to focus on the high-point objectives, or will they tackle smaller tasks? You can either group together, or you could form a small team with lone-wolves.

There are many paths to becoming Aeternum’s ultimate champion. Let’s find out what they do.

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