PSN DOWN: Latest Server Status, Network Issues Hit Thousands

PSN DOWN: Latest Server Status, Network Issues Hit Thousands

PSN DOWN: Latest Server Status, Network Issues Hit Thousands

UPDATEUpdated official PSN Status page to state that all services are now “up and running”.

Sony had previously stated that PSN was affected by “external internet-wide problems” today. PSN users were affected by the same issues that other services such as Steam, HSBC, and Call of Duty experienced.

This issue is believed to be related to Akamai’s DNS service.

Since then, Akamai claims that the problem is now fixed. Twitter post by Akamai: “A software configuration update caused a bug within the DNS system, which directs users to website addresses, at 15:46 UTC today. The disruption caused some websites to be unavailable.

The disruption was lasting up to one hour. The services were restored to normal operation after the update was rolled back. Akamai confirms that this was not an attack on Akamai’s platform.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. “We are currently reviewing the software upgrade process in order to avoid future interruptions.”

Original:PSN problems are rife today with thousands of PlayStation Network users experiencing difficulties.

Independent monitoring company Down Detector recorded a significant spike in PSN-related down reports.

Down Detector UK recorded a record of more than 20,000 PSN down reports at the time this article was written. registered a peak in more than 38,000 PlayStation Network down report.

Sign-in issues are the most common problem for PSN users, according to Down Detector statistics.

The official PSN status page stated that the PlayStation Network had been up when the first issues were reported.

Sony updated its PlayStation Network status page, to state that “some services have experienced issues”.

PS4 and PS5 manufacturers also stated that “PlayStation Network services have been up and running but there may be external internet issues that could affect your experience.” These external problems will be resolved and you should not have any issues connecting to the PlayStation Network.

All PSN Services were affected by the “external internet-wide problems” today.

They include account management, gaming, social, PlayStation Now and PlayStation Video, as well as the PlayStation Store.

Sony stated in the account management section that “you might have difficulties signing in or creating a PlayStation Network account.” The issue is being investigated and we will resolve it as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience.

Another: “PSN servers down. @AskPlayStation, what’s the deal?”

Another wrote, “So I wake to play GTA V cuz it’s enjoying the new update right now and …..PSN down ………….”.

Today, gamers on Twitter were busy reaching out to the Ask PlayStation Twitter accounts in order to get help.

One affected player was contacted by @AskPlayStation on Twitter. They replied: “Sorry that you’re having problems accessing your account.

We cannot request details on Twitter in order to assist you better.

Follow us to receive further support via direct messages

Ask PlayStation UK’s Twitter account was also busy responding to PS4/PS5 gamers regarding today’s server problems.

One user was affected and the account replied with “Hello!” Network’s all good: The page also contains a link that will take you to the Fix & Connect tool. This can resolve any connection problems.

Down Detector UK statistics show that 83 percent of PSN users affected are having problems signing in.

PSN users also reported issues with general online gaming and social media.

PSN reports began to rise on Down Detector UK today at 4.40pm BST (Thursday, July 22).

The Down Detector monitor tracks the social mentions in order to determine when popular services go offline.

Multiple outages today are being blamed on Akamai’s DNS service.

Akamai said that they had identified the problem and are working on a solution.

Akamai Technologies posted the following tweet at 5.30 PM UK Time: “Akamai has experienced a service interruption. “We are currently investigating this issue. We will update you in the next 30 minutes.”

Akamai stated shortly thereafter: “We have implemented an issue fix and, based upon current observations, we are resuming our normal operations.” To ensure the full mitigation of any potential impact, we will keep you updated.

Akamai stated that they are monitoring the situation closely and could confirm it wasn’t the result of cyberattacks on Akamai.

Stay tuned for more information.

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