Santa Fe A near new guide to buying

Santa Fe A near new guide to buying

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22 July 2021

The premium pantechnicons, such as the Volvo XC90 and the elegant Audi Q7 may be your dream, but if you don’t have the budget for one of these, we can introduce the Hyundai Santa Fe to you.

The fourth generation version retains all the promise of the previous cars – space, practicality, and affordability – but adds style and refinement.


The seven-seater was powered by a single engine when it first appeared three years ago. It was a 197bhp, 2.2-litre fourcylinder diesel. You could choose from front- or rear-wheel drive. The Santa Fe was able to go from 0-60 mph in just 9.5 seconds and return an official 41.5mpg. The vehicle handled very well. It was more suited for cruising than to driving on twisty roads. However, it was also comfortable.

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There were only two trim levels. Premium offered a 8.0-inch touchscreen, sat nav, heated leather seats (front & back), and a heated steering column. The Premium SE, later renamed Ultimate, added ventilated front seats as well as a panoramic roof.

The driving position inside was excellent, and there was plenty of adjustability in the seat and steering. There was also full lumbar adjustment. A 10.3in touchscreen with decent responsiveness was also standard.

The interior space is where the Santa Fe excelled. It was spacious and bright in the front, with the second row. The two seats at the rear were large enough to accommodate average-sized passengers for short journeys.

Santa Fe A near new guide to buying

The boot area was generous at 571 litres with five people using it. The boot space increased by 1649 litres when the middle row is removed. There was plenty of room for most families even with all the seats in place.

Hyundai has significantly upgraded the Santa Fe in 2021. It introduced sharper styling as well as two new powertrains, a regular hybrid and plug-in hybrid. For a total of 227bhp the former has a 1.6-litre petrol motor and an electric motor, the latter uses the same engine but with 261bhp. These hybrids, as you might expect, are very economical. Officially, the HEV gives 44.1 mpg while the PHEV is amazing at 173.7 mpg. However, you need to make your trips short and keep charging up every time.

Santa Fes start at around PS27,000 which is significantly less than its premium counterparts. This will buy you a premium 2018 diesel with less than 50,000 mile.

You need to be informed

The combined WLTP figures for the 2.2 diesel are 41.5mpg when driving in 4WD manual, 38.1mpg with an auto gearbox, and 38.7mpg for Premium SE models with larger wheels. Lower-mileage and Premium SE cars are more likely to sell for less than PS28,500. Expect to spend upwards of PS35,000. for the newer cars. For the diesel, road tax will cost PS155/year and for the hybrid it will cost PS145/year. Owners of models that cost more than PS40,000 will be required to pay PS335 per year for the first five years, in addition to the VED standard rate. Pre-facelifted Santa Fe ranked 19th among 22 vehicles in the most recent What Car? Reliability Survey’s largest SUV category. Hyundai came in sixth place out of 31 manufacturers.

The pick

2.2 CRDiThe regular 2.2-litre diesel engine is a good choice if you don’t have the funds for a hybrid. The diesel is still very affordable for a large SUV and provides enough power to last.

Santa Fe A near new guide to buying

Wild card

4.WD: 1.6 TGDiThe HEV is a fantastic buy if you have the budget (PHEVs can be more costly and are rarer on the second hand market). This HEV is more economical than the 2.2 diesel and runs better.

We found one.

2018 Santa Fe CRDi 2.2 4WD Premium, 15,000 Miles, PS28.500

2019 Santa Fe 2.2CRDi 4WD Pre’mSE, 20,000 Miles, PS29.995

2021 Santa Fe, 1.6 TGDi 4WD hybrid Premium, 3850m, PS37.895

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