Soon, Football Manager will include women's soccer

Soon, Football Manager will include women’s soccer

Soon, Football Manager will include women's soccer

Sports Interactive, the developer of Football Manager 2021 has revealed that it is working to add women’s soccer into its football management system. Although Miles Jacobson, the studio director tells us that he believes it is “the right thing” to promote women’s soccer.

Jacobson says, “It is not something a company should admit to, however, we were part of the problem. We are now determined that we fix it, and force others to follow our lead.” We’re not able to give a time frame, which is why we are announcing this. It’s partially because others need to do the same.

Tina Keech is a qualified coach and former player. She is now the head of Sports Interactive’s research on women’s soccer. This project will see Football Manager integrate the sport rather than separate it.

Keech said that Football Manager will be diving into the dressing room culture, interpersonal dynamics among players and how they interact. She is interested in demonstrating cultural differences between women’s and men’s football.

Keech states that women’s soccer culture is quite different from men’s. Keech doesn’t believe anyone would pick it up if they haven’t played it or are close to it. This is why we have to find real women fans to help us understand the game and make it more real. It’s not easy.

Jacobson discusses the difficulties involved in adapting Football Manager to accommodate women in a blog post. He cites some 100,000 lines of text with gender specific content that need to be changed and then translated into 19 different languages. Also, there’s the problem of making motion capture animations for female players. There are also decisions that need to be made regarding player pregnancy.

It’ll take a lot of effort and cost many millions. Jacobson claims that this prospect has made it look bad from an accounting perspective in the past. It’s probable that there will be a minimal financial return, at most in the short-term. Jacobson and Keech say that they are determined to make this happen.

Jacobson states that he doesn’t regret a lot in his life. However, one of the things he regretted was not starting this process sooner. Jacobson says, “And I apologize to people for not doing that.” Jacobson believes the move will be another crack in the glass ceiling for women’s soccer and hopes that enough such events occur so that the current limit can be broken – hopefully sooner than expected.

Keech states, “I think we’re on track.” Keech says, “It’s amazing to think that 60,000 people would be in a stadium for a woman’s soccer game ten years ago.”

Keech states, “In ten year’s time, I would like to see more money in football, more players being paid more and more clubs being paid.” We are a new generation. “I have young girls that I wish to provide role models for…

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