Spain moves to amber and ‘enormous incontinence’ Expats: ‘Clearly a Concern’

The transport secretary stated that no changes would be made until August 2. However, there are concerns about Spain moving to “amber plus” following a rise in COVID-19-related cases in Spain. It will be more challenging for British expats and British holidaymakers to return to the UK.

At this moment, full-jabbed Britons are able to return from Spain’s amber country without being quarantined.

This will not be possible, however, if the country is placed on the “amber plus” list.

Expat Network’s Nigel Ayres lives and works in Spain. He explained that it will be impossible for him to go back to the UK if the country moves to “amber plus”.

Due to travel restrictions, I have been prevented from visiting the UK in February 2020.

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He explained that he had never seen his daughter, who now lives in London, until they were able arrange for her to visit Portugal in the short period of May when Portugal was added to the green list.

“The Spanish rules for most of the past year mean that we wouldn’t have been allowed to return to the UK if we returned. Entry into Spain was only permitted to Spanish residents and citizens.

It is very costly to travel to the UK due to UK quarantine and testing requirements.

Nigel said that the costs of testing and the rental of a place to stay for 10 days is not the only cost.

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He said: “The Amber Plus France currently has is clearly concerning as Spain could always be added.”

Nigel said, “Overall, the continually shifting rules have appeared arbitrary and made it impossible for us to plan.

“Why should people with vaccinated children have to be quarantined for 10 days because of the inconvenience and expense?”

Nigel described how frustrating it is for people to complain about being unable to travel when they can’t return home.

He said that the focus on restrictions affecting people’s holiday is misleading because it ignores people like him who, for personal and business reasons, have decided to live and work in Spain.

It is frustrating that people talk about it as if it were all about holidaying, when in fact it’s about visiting family members and taking care of business and personal issues back home.

Nigel plans to travel to the UK in the next month, if Spain is not moved to “amber plus”.

The UK’s inability to recognize the EU digital certificate is a problem because he received his vaccination in Spain.

We are both double-vaccinated with Spanish vaccines, however the rules currently do not permit us to travel outside of quarantine.

He explained that if the UK doesn’t recognize EU vaccination certificates, we would have to delay our trip again.

France joined the “amber+” list as the country that was last to do so, citing concern over the Beta variant.

According to ECDC data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Spain has five times more cases of Beta variant than France.

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