Steam DOWN: Steam Store is down while Valve services are gone Offline

Tonight’s problems include a downtime in Steam Services and other major platforms.

The Steam Store, along with other core services, is currently down according to latest information.

Gamers may have difficulty downloading new games or accessing account settings.

Also, some gamers are unable to download Steam App. This means they’ll have to wait for the issue is resolved before they can create an account.

Tonight’s outage may be related to larger problems at leading network hosting companies.

Affected user wrote: “Client appears to be online. I can launch games normally. However, it only shows black screens for profile, store and community. My library page is not showing up. Site is down as well.

One user added: “I have just unpacked my laptop, and I can’t download launcher.”


Publited at Thu 22 July 2021, 16:32.50 +0000

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