Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony Director fired

Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony Director fired

Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony Director fired

Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony Director fired after old Video Of Him Making Holocaust Jokes Surfaces

The topline

Kentaro Kobayashi was fired as the Tokyo Olympics’ director for the closing and opening ceremonies. This is an important blow to the Olympics on the day of its opening ceremony.

The Key Facts

According to the Daily Beast, the recorded skit featured Kobayashi (who was part of a comedy group) jokingly about the Holocaust while playing the “let’s kill Jewish people” game.

Seiko Hashimoto is the chief of the Olympics organizing board. She said that she and the other committee members plan to review the whole program on Thursday, which is just one day before it takes place.

Hashimoto stated that she found out about the video Wednesday morning, and decided to fire him as soon as possible.

Hashimoto thanked the media for their scandal, and stated that she was responsible for not conducting enough background checks of the director.

Kyodo News reports that the comedian had apologized and admitted to making it.

Important Background

Kobayashi’s resignation follows several other prominent exits from controversial members of the organizing committee of the Games. After an interview in which he admitted to having bullied his disabled classmates, Japanese composer Keigo Okada was interviewed earlier this week. After Oyamada had apologized for his behavior, the organizers originally indicated that Oyamada would still be part of the opening ceremony. Hours later, the composer resigned and organizers released a new statement decribing his actions as “absolutely unacceptable.” Hashimoto also expressed his regret at the delay in dismissing Oyamada. After reports that Hiroshi Sakaki had suggested Naomi Watanabe (a plus-sized entertainer) could wear pig ears to the ceremony’s opening ceremonies, in March, Sasaki, who was the creative director, quit. Sasaki was reportedly known to have called Wantanabe’s pitch for Wantanabe “Olympig.” The games also lost Yoshiro Muri, who had been criticized worldwide for his sexist comments. According to reports, the former Japanese prime minister said that women have too many opinions and a strong sense of rivalry during board meetings.

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Tokyo Olympic Ceremony Director Fired for Holocaust Jokes (Kyodo News).

Kentaro Kobayashi is the Olympics Opening Ceremony Director. He has been disowned over Holocaust Jokes by Daily Beast.

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