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Ulrika Jonsson’s “Tribute To My Boy” unveils a new tattoo with an emotional story

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Ulrika Jonsson's "Tribute To My Boy" unveils a new tattoo with an emotional story

Ulrika Jonsson (53), showed one of her new tattoos off to her followers. It was a poignant tribute to Fella, her beloved bulldog. The news comes two months after Ulrika Jonsson, a TV host and model, announced that Fella had died.

Ulrika previously spoke about the reasons she gave him up after he was attacked viciously by one of her dogs.

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Fella, nine year old, died peacefully in her sleep. She shared this with 161K of her Instagram followers.

She posted the following message to social media: “A small tribute to Fella, my boy who died in March.”

He was initially fostered by me through the @theedwardfoundation, but I realized that I could not let him go.

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A 9-year old boy with severe health problems. He had lived a very difficult life.

“But, I hope we gave them the best 1 1/2 years of their lives (with huge gratitude to Clare HB at the end), despite his dementia and general crazyness such as eating soil or barking at walls.

Fell, what a handsome boy! We loved you, Fell.

“Had some other inks applied today,” she said. We will reveal the details in due course. “Thanks @littlelourose” while encouraging others to adopt, not shop, when purchasing pets.

A fourth person said, “Fella had his happy ending with You.”

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Ulrika posted a long post in March about this tragic story.

She said, “My dear Fella died in his sleep today.”

“Many will remember that he arrived to me in July 2019, a beautiful 9-year old boy who was very poor.

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Ulrika Jonsson's "Tribute To My Boy" unveils a new tattoo with an emotional story
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