WoW Shadowlands Dungeons - Covenant abilities and boss
fights explained

WoW Shadowlands Dungeons – Covenant abilities and boss fights explained

World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands expansion includes eight new dungeons that are a great way to equip your character. This is the definitive TL:DR guide – everything you need for every boss in each dungeon. It’s your guide as you move on to the next fight.

WoW Shadowlands offers four dungeons that you can access as your character levels up. They also have level-60 gear once you are at max level. Once you reach level 60, the other four dungeons become accessible. To reach level 60 in WoW Shadowlands, you can refer to our WoW Shadowlands Leveling Guide. At 60, these dungeons offer Conduits for nearly all classes. These upgrade items plug into the Soulbind talent tree at Covenant headquarters. This gives you more power and/or ability. You can also find Memories of The Runecarver in the dungeons. These are your recipes for WoW Shadowlands legendary Items. They drop to item level 184 on Mythic difficulty.

Covenant members can activate special abilities or buffs in the dungeons in their home zone. There are also items that can give players temporary buffs. Below is a list of all dungeons, WoW Shadowlands Covenant skills, and fast strategies for each boss.


The Necrotic Wake

Necrotic Wake, available at level 51 is found in the Zone of Bastion. It chronicles an invasion of the angelic zone by an evil undead group from Maldraxxus.

Covenant capabilityKyrian players may summon their steward near large, defunct Malfunctioning Goliath robotics. The steward will then ask for them to activate them. When walked through by the robots, each party member is buffed for one minute with speed, periodic damage, and healing.

BlightboneIn the area you have just zoned in, he is an absolute scourge. You can kill all of the garbage around him and don’t move when you get Heavy Retch. Also, you should immediately eliminate Carrion Worms that spawn. Do not allow them to touch your skin. To keep them out of the puddles, don’t allow Fetid Gas to touch you.

AmarthMounted boss. Keep away from the Necrotic Breath of the Chimaera. All adds must be killed immediately they are spawned. If you fail to do so, Amarth will explode them. As often as possible, interrupt Necrotic Bolt.

Dr. StitchfleshIt’s easy if you know the rules. He will spawn his last abominations by going through a lot of garbage. One at a while, they’ll come and target one player for Meat Hook. (Look for the red Arrow). The player who is standing between the evil and the Stage where the Surgeon sits should have the arrow pointed at him until the cast has almost completed and the arrow ends. Get out of his way. You will be able to grab the Surgeon and pull him into combat, making him easily attackable. Repeat the process.

Nalthor, the RimebinderIt is an undead frozen lich. Frozen Binds is a debuff that causes large white circles to appear. After everyone is gone, the healer will be able to dispel any affected players. Comet Storm will bring about little white swirls that can chase you. The player will be teleported to the walkway below. They will need to avoid storms and kill adds before being ported back.



Plaguefall, available at level 53 in Maldraxxus and involves the fight for the reclaim of the deadly plague that was left behind by defunct House of Plagues.

Covenant capabilityFleshcraft can be used by Necrolords to apply a 3 minute haste or damage reduction to any deceased slime. This will benefit all party members located within 8 yards.

GlobgrogThis slime boss has a powerful knockback and needs to be avoided. He will summon up four slimes at times, and they must be stopped before they can reach him. You can control the Slimy Smorgasbord by using long-duration control such as hunter traps and monk paralysis. It spawns nearer and is more healthy, so kill them all.

Doctor IckusHe loves to jump, so you can pull up the garbage bags onto the platform in front of him (where he won’t jump), and then kill each one one at a time until all four platforms are cleared. Some mobs can make this difficult, as they are highly ranged. After you have engaged him, Ickus will jump to another platform with 2/3 health and 1/3 and summon 3 adds. The Plague Bomb must be destroyed before it explodes. Kill the two other Plague Bombs and then return to the boss.

Domina VenombladeThis is a large spider that stealth adds. You will become permanently incapacitated if you don’t stack them. Shadow Ambush will give one person the debuff. They should all run, get stun, damage and then return to their homes before being feared. Her webs will be cast on the ground, with her assassins inside. This causes group-wide damage. They can be flushed out by using stealth-sight abilities, a hunter flare or running through them.

Margrave StradamaThis is mostly a fight about avoiding tentacles. You should not be in the middle of the Malignant Spawn’s frontal cone. Do not move towards him when he is dead. DO identify which tentacles will crash first and then get out of their path. You can go to the spot where there isn’t an obvious opening and stay safe. Kill Plaguebound Devoted


The Mists Of Tirna Scithe

Mists, which is available at level 55 and requires basic puzzle-solving in order to navigate, can be found in Ardenweald’s forested grove.

Covenant capabilityAt the beginning of Night Fae, players may open their roots on the left side before Ingra Maloch. This will allow them to skip a bit of trash and create a field full of buffing mushrooms. To check if players die, click on the Depleted Anima seed after each boss.

Ingra MalochThis is a 2-boss battle. You can kill Droman Oulfarran, the tree until he is able to sense your presence and then you will get a 30% damage bonus against Ingra. Stop Ingra from being re-enslaved by Droman, and then you can start again. Be prepared to face Ingra’s third-second terrors.

MistcallerIt is difficult to reach her. There are two stumps at each trash bag. One is in front of the doorway and one behind it. These lights up to indicate that they have been contacted. You must choose the one you find unique from all the rest. It will usually be the only one with a ring or transparent, and the only one that has a shape. This is the right door. Sometimes she will disappear during boss fights, so you’ll need to play this game in order to find which one to kill. Patty Cake will attack players if tanks don’t interrupt her. Dodge the Dodge Ball arrows, and get rid of the Illusionary Volpin as soon as possible.

Tred’ovaThis giant bug fires green swirlies. It remembers where you have been and what distance you’ve traveled and will throw swirlies at you as you try to dodge them. You can interrupt all his Parasitic castings and he’ll summon the Parasitic additions to kill you. You can also get him to connect you with other players, but spread them out. You can focus on ground swirlies and avoiding him if he becomes immune.


Halls of Atonement

Halls, located at level 57 in Revendreth and featuring Sire Denathrius’s anima-hoarding minions, is available.

Covenant Ability:Loyal Stoneborn mobs can be approached by Venthyr players who will use the extra buttons to make them fight for their party.

HalkiasHe is an enormous, anima-fueled mech. After killing the three Shards, Halkias within the area opening up to him, you must fight him. You’ll need to stay within the area he creates while fighting you or else you will be fearful. You’ll see him drop glass fragments onto the ground. Once he has dropped three of them, move him so you can run. He’ll cast the fourth beam, and he will rotate. Avoid these, as they can cause a change in direction.

EchelonIs a stone gargoyle mob. His Undying Stonefiend Adds must be killed, and preferably as many as possible clumped together. The party will be stunned and he’ll then take one person for a leap. Move on to the next member if you are targeted. Keep your distance from his blood pool.

Aleez, High AdjudicatorAn evil Venthyr. Interrupt Bolt and Volley of Power. Avoid ground swirls. You can be trapped if you’re being targeted by the Ghastly Parishioner ghost.

Lord ChamberlainOne of the mobs that you encountered while questing. His frontal cone attack is not to be ignored. His frontal cone attack will throw a statue the opposite direction, pull all statues inside himself and then toss them back. You should avoid all. You should avoid them all.

You can unlock the other four dungeons once you reach level 60. They are usually a little more difficult.


The Other Side

De Other Side, located in Ardenweald is home to your friend from Battle for Azeroth, Bwonsamdi, who’s the loa of the death. You can help him by recalling the mojo of people with whom he’s done deals to fight against Mueh’zala.

Covenant capabilityNight Faes can use pots around the dungeon to channel their night fae, which will stun all in 30 feet when activated.

Hakkar, the SoulflayerThe serpent boss. You can kill the Sons Of Hakkar when they spawn. They’ll rise back again. Spread your wings to prevent the transmission of Corrupted Blood. Do not get caught in ground swirlies. Break through his shield whenever he throws it.

Millhouse, Millie ManastormThey are the troublemaking gnomes everyone loves. By standing in the pink beam, you can prevent Millhouse from being hit by it. If two people are being marked, ensure that the line connecting them passes through the boss. To disarm them, click on Experimental Squirrel Bombs. Shadowfury will target you if you don’t want other players to be in the same circle.

Dealer Xy’exaDisplacement traps will be thrown on the ground. You should not use them until absolutely necessary. Wait until you see a tick left to target yourself and then stand in the trap for your shot at the sky. All players must wait for the boss to cast Explosive Contrivance before they can step into traps.

Mueh’zalaIs a large, miserable troll loa. Bwonsamdi is mostly your target. He uses his Master of Death ability to cause death waves on the platform. To see which direction he is running, look at his hands. He will shoot shadow or fire if he holds the right one. The same goes for the left. He’ll hit the front edge if he has both his hands raised. In random order, he’ll perform all three. If the Cosmic Artifice buff is dispelled, or expires it will leave behind an AOE orb. Be near the edge to see this happen. Split the group when he casts Shatter Reality. Each half of them should then walk through the portal in front. Click the totem to kill the add and then wait for him to return. Rinse, and then repeat.

Theater of Pain

Theater of Pain, located in Maldraxxus is an arena with fun twists.

Covenant capabilityTo buff their own players and those around them, Necrolords can click banners within the dungeon.

The Challengers are Front and CenterThis is a 3-boss battle. They gain additional abilities when they are below 40%. When Dessia casts her health shield she will target any player. To avoid dropping spores beneath your feet, kill Paceran first. You can do the three subsequent fights in any order.

Xav The UnfallenThe tank is very hit. Avoid ground effects or cones by killing banners that spawn. The arena will host two players who are forced to compete in a duel. Although it is faster to get one player to agree to lose, this is not the way I prefer to play. When one person is defeated, you’ll be brought back.

GorechopHits the tank hard (this is a common theme). To avoid getting them, he’ll throw hooks off the ceiling. Kill adds. Gorechop summons players; run to escape his AOE.

Kul’tharokTwo players can summon their souls. To regain your soul, run over it or chase it until it grabs hands. Do not touch the hands. Healers, dispel Phantasmal Parasite.

MordrethaSurprise! Gather together (but not overlap the swirls), during the Manifest Death capability, then run from the rotating Dark Devastation ability of her Grasping Rift. Avoid swirlies and don’t stand on top of the spectral fighters who are charging across the platform when her health is below 50%.


Sanguine Depths

Sanguine Depths is located in Revendreth and houses the prison below Castle Nathria.

Covenant capabilityVenthyr has the ability to channel lantern-like anima container, giving players a stacking buff that grants a bonus for each creature they kill in the circle cast.

KryxisIt is an aberration that resembles a huge rock beast. Interrupt Hungering Drain. He has a Severing Smash at 100 energy, and a Headbutt ability that he uses on tanks. Keep away from the edge. Stack your stack between the Juggernaut Rush target & the boss and sprint over any orbs that may spawn before his Severing Smash ability spawns.

Executor TarvoldShould be removed from the spawn point. Two balls of anima are summoned by him. They move in opposing directions and cross the area where he is spawned. It’s very difficult to avoid them. You should immediately kill his Fleeting Manifestation Adds. They’ll leave a pool that you need to pull away.

You’ll see one or more balls rolling around on your outside, inside, and then back to you if you are not near his spawn point. A player can call to let you know when they are coming. Castigate can help you get away from players.

Grand Proctor BerylliaWill cast gold orbs onto the ground. To survive the Rite of Supremacy which leaves ticking damage, each player must pick up at least three. Avoid yellow swirlies.

General KaalAs you battle through trash, she engages you. Gloom Squall is the only ability that was noticeable at the time. The tank should have grabbed the Naaru golden core, and activate it to make a shield to protect players from the Squall. You can easily drop the item if you happen to have it. You can engage her on your own when she runs to the balcony.

KaalWicked Rush will be used to identify two players. The immunity will be used by the first player if she uses it at the correct time. She will not leap if she is in a hurry. Ticking damage is left behind by the leap. You can avoid her by walking out of the area where they are lit up. You can be knocked off the platform by her Gloom Squall or get ticking damage.


The Spires Of Ascension

Spires lives in Bastion and invites you to join the fight against the Dark Kyrian Devos.

Covenant capabilityTo get the Spear of Destiny for Kyrians, click on any NPC Kyrians that are dead on the ground. This will stun enemies and deal additional damage for 20 seconds.

Kin-TaraThis is a 2-boss battle. You can target any of the NPCs you wish. Azules is the enemy of ranged, an etherwyrm that moves, but who remains available. Kin-Tara should be facing the tank away from other members of the group. Azules can spawn dark orbs which move away from the tank; either stand beside him or step aside. If Charged Spear is targeting you, get away from them.

VetunaxHe zips across the platform and gives players a bleeding. Shadowhirls are dropped that produce orbs very similar to Azunas. They add up quickly, especially when he hits maximum energy. This causes players to all spit out a lot of orbs simultaneously. You must avoid his frontal cone, and get rid of him immediately.

OryphrionA mechanical boss. When you are given an arrow, group up and run away. Once the swirlies begin to appear on the ground, the boss will be moved from the swirlies. If you are being targeted for Purifying Blast or Charged Stomp, move out.

DevosIt is two-phase fight and can prove to be difficult. When the Lost Confidence expires, or is dispelled by players who have been hit with it during the first phase of the fight, they will leave gunk on ground. These should be dropped at the edge of the platform. When she casts Run Through, don’t stand in front of the casting screen.

The second phase is where she takes to the air. Strong winds are emanating from the other side of the platform. You should not allow dark circles to move across the platform. You will need to collect anima balls individually and then return them to console. Once the battery is charged, players should click on it. This will lift them up with a spear. Hit the additional action button to target Devos and Phase 1 will start again. Repeat until dead.

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