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You can drive an electric car from London to Leeds in one trip Technology improves and charges more

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You can drive an electric car from London to Leeds in one trip
Technology improves and charges more

The average electric car sold in Britain today can drive up to 200.23 mi on one charge, thanks to the huge advancements in electric vehicle technology. This distance is between Leeds and London.

Sepi Arani (Director of OEM at carwow) praised the achievements in electric cars.

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He stated that EVs are capable of providing a wide range of services for motorists. The fact that the average vehicle’s mileage exceeds 200 miles should prove their usefulness.

But just as with petrol and diesel, there are many factors such as driving style that can affect the range of any vehicle. This is why we have created a new tool to assist people in finding the right EV.

The government also has invested PS300m in the UK’s charging infrastructure for electric cars. This will make charging outside the home easier and more accessible.


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It is much simpler than most people think, and it is better for the environment.

Carwow customers expressed concern about the availability of charging stations for electric vehicles in the UK, which was more than half.

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Ofgem is the UK’s energy regulator and has committed around PS300million to create more than 3000 new charging points in cities and towns.

Three factors determine the range of an electric vehicle battery: temperature, speed, driving style, and climate control.

The battery for an electric vehicle battery may differ if there is extreme heat, such as the one currently occurring in the UK.

The battery will be affected by heating or air conditioning, just like it is in a petrol/diesel car.

Speed also plays a significant role. The car uses 14 percent more energy when the speed is lowered by 10 miles per hour.

Since June 2020, the demand for electric vehicles has increased by 211 percent annually.

The Government has reduced grants for electric vehicles from PS3,000 down to PS2,500.

Also, the price limit for electric vehicles that are eligible was reduced to PS35,000 instead of PS50,000.

More than PS1.8 Billion has been pledged by the Government to infrastructure projects and grants that will increase vehicle access.

However, all sales of diesel and petrol cars will cease in 2030. They can be purchased second-hand.

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You can drive an electric car from London to Leeds in one trip
Technology improves and charges more
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