You can play the odds with Lost in Random. It's coming to Xbox September

You can play the odds with Lost in Random. It’s coming to Xbox September 10

Random is a wicked kingdom based on a fairytale. You can survive by rolling the dice. Random is all about chance. Only the brave can win by knowing how to tilt the odds in their favor.

Even, a young girl who is penniless, was abducted by Odd from her family’s Onecroft home. Even will need to travel through 6 random regions in order to save Odd. Even will have to learn how to adapt to every circumstance and understand the odds.

Lost in Random

Even is alone at the beginning of her adventure and will have only one weapon: a slingshot. Even’s slingshot can be used to break pots or collect coins. However, it is not able to harm enemies. Dicey Even, a living death, is a chance encounter that will enable her to begin fending for herself. Dicey Even can fight enemies like Random’s mechanical minions and the wicked queen by rolling.

Even discovers that Dicey hasn’t been living the best sentient life. He’s lost most of his pips, and can only roll 1 dice. Even and Dicey are able to engage in Combat together, and their goal is to find his missing pips.

Lost in Random

Random combat takes place in large arenas that look almost like game boards. Rolling Dicey is a way to move through a fight and to end it. The goal of the game is to bring the piece at the end. Even is safe if you get the piece to the last spot. She won’t be safe until she does.

Dicey and Dicey will be attacked by enemies that will appear in the arena. Even a slingshot can’t damage enemies. This is where her deck of cards comes in.

Lost in Random

To build Even’s deck, you’ll need five types of cards: Damage, Weapon, Defense, Hazard and Cheat. Even will be equipped with weapon cards that include bows and swords, which can also damage her enemies, instead of her slingshot.

  • Other damage cards can cause other types of damage, such as summoning deadly creatures to run around the arena, or making Dicey go bonkers (don’t worry he will be okay). These cards can also cause damage to other creatures, so be aware.
  • You can use elixirs or shields to heal and protect yourself with Defense Cards. When enemies approach or you feel low on health, it is a good idea to keep Defense cards handy.
  • You can add dangers to the arena by using Hazard Cards. These include traps that slow down, hurt or weaken enemies. For example, you might put up a cannon for attacking enemies.
  • Special effects on cheat cards can tilt the odds in your favour by making it faster to draw cards, moving the player pieces further, and/or making it more difficult to use the cards you have drawn from the deck.

Even is a creative exercise that requires strategy and creativity.

Lost in Random

Even, as she moves through Random, will gain strength by collecting cards, and recovering Dicey’s lost pips. This allows her to roll greater numbers in combat. Even must also collect Dicey’s lost pips in order to progress through Random towns. Her ability to roll the town’s number determines her entry into the various towns: Onecroft, Two-Town and Threedom, Four-Town. Fivetropolis. Sixtopia.

It can feel chaotic and random, but that is what survival ultimately looks like. You don’t know the future, so there are many possibilities. However, you will most likely know what might happen. While you won’t be able to predict if your roll will result in a 3 or not, you can know the outcome of a 3. Understanding the odds will help you set Even up to win.

Take the chance. You can win the game.In RandomThe Xbox Store will have the new console available for pre-order starting September 10, 2021.

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