Amadeus Heath Verification Tool Integrates IBM Digital Passport

According to Amadeus, the IBM Digital Health Pass was integrated into Amadeus’ Traveler ID For Safe Travel mobile medical verification system. This allows passengers to validate and load their Covid-19-related vaccination and health credentials online during flight check-in.

Traveler ID for Safe Travel verifies the travel requirements and prompts the passengers to create a Covid-19 digital credential. This can be done by either scanning negative or paper test papers or uploading an electronic version. This is then authenticated using IBM Digital Health Pass data encryption and Blockchain. It ensures that no personal information about the passenger, IBM, or Amadeus, are stored. Amadeus stated that the airline only receives a status to confirm that the passenger is available for flight.

Amadeus reports that Traveler ID for Safe Travel was launched earlier in the year. It also integrates well with other digital health passports, such as CommonPass or the ICC AOKpass.

Publited at Thu 22 July 2021, 20:36.27 +0000

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