Australia's 'National Emergency' Needs to Be Resolved
Delta Variant Surge Forces Sydney To Tighten Lockdown

Australia’s ‘National Emergency’ Needs to Be Resolved Delta Variant Surge Forces Sydney To Tighten Lockdown

Australia's 'National Emergency' Needs to Be Resolved
Delta Variant Surge Forces Sydney To Tighten Lockdown

The topline

After the region reported its highest daily increase in Covid-19-related cases in this year’s calendar, New South Wales announced Friday that it was tightening its lockdown procedures in Sydney. This is in response to an outbreak of the Delta virus which has disrupted Australia’s initial pandemic successes.

The Key Facts

New South Wales, Australia’s largest state, has recorded 136 Covid-19 new cases. These were mainly concentrated around Sydney and the death of an elderly man.

A minimum of 53 new cases had been identified as being infected by community contacts, almost guaranteeing more cases.

Gladys Berejiklian, the NSW Premier, described the unrelenting Sydney epidemic as a “national crisis” and announced that the lockdown would be expanded to cover residents of Sydney’s western suburbs.

The NSW government could be declared “nationally emergency”, which would enable it to receive additional federal funds and other resources.

Scott Morrisson, the Australian Prime Minister, stated that Covid-19 was a national emergency since its inception. This indicated that formal declarations may not be possible.

Berejiklian announced the tightening in measures and noted that lockdowns in Australia’s largest city would likely remain in place past the planned July 30 end date.


In addition to calling for an “national emergency”, NSW officials are pushing Australia’s vaccination strategy to be refocused on Sydney. The region will also receive additional doses Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. Berejiklian was asked by reporters if she would like other states to stop giving out their Pfizer shots. Kerry Chant, the state chief health officer, stated that she strongly recommended the strategy be refocused. She also suggested that all vaccine initiatives be directed to South-West Sydney which, at the moment, is the epicenter for Australia’s Delta variant virus outbreak. However, the Australian PM noted that there was “widespread agreement in national cabinet” “that we must continue to lean towards AstraZeneca in particular in New South Wales.” Morrison stated that both Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are effective, and encouraged everyone to get vaccinated. Morrison said that he was not planning to interrupt the vaccine program in the rest of the nation, as the current one is “hitting its mark”.

Big Number

12. This is the population in New South Wales who has received a complete vaccine against Covid-19 according to the Sydney Morning Herald tracker. Experts blame Australia’s slow vaccine rollout for the new outbreaks. Morrison said that more than 28% have received at least one vaccine and noted that the country’s cabinet has modified the program for the first vaccinations. Morrison, who refused to give the jab earlier in the year, apologized Thursday for Australia’s slow vaccine rollout and said that he regretted not being able “to achieve the marks we had hoped for” at the start of the year.

Important Quote

Morrisson also denied that Sydney’s Delta epidemic was uncontrollable at the press conference. He stated: “From data coming out in NSW…they have prevented the exponential growth that we have seen elsewhere in the world, which has been taking hold in Delta…So, when there is exponential growth in cases, that’s what I would consider out of control.” That’s what isn’t happening in NSW.

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