“Black Sabbath sabotaged” Rock star Tommy Iommi, Ronnie Dio fights, foul play

Bouchard spoke out about his famous Black and Blue tour of 1980, where his band and Sabbath would alternate who would play opening each show and who would be the headliner depending on how popular they were at each location. This was clearly asking for trouble. However, the Blue Oyster Cult drummer said that the problem was caused by the other band. It wasn’t okay, it wasn’t fun. Black Sabbath was my favorite band, and Ronnie Dio is my idol. But there was tension. “

Sabbath was still struggling to find their footing after Ozzy Osbourne’s departure in 1979. Ronny Dio was the new band’s frontman. He brought a fresh sound and promoted Heaven and Hell.

Blue Oyster Cult had, however, released Their Two-Million-Seller Some Enchanted Evening back in 1978. They had loyal fan bases throughout many cities including Long Island.

The band’s manager, Samuel “Sandy” Pearlman (who also served as their producer and lyricist) was a former Sabbath member who had been managing them since 1979. He was responsible for arranging the co-headlining tour. He could not stop the tensions rising.

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Bouchard’s brother Joe was the bassist of the band. Full In Bloom reported that Bouchard said, “One day we played Nassau Coliseum in Long Island. As big as Black Sabbath was on Long Island at the time, Blue Oyster Cult was on Long Island. This was a fair decision. They were headliners when they played in Madison Square Garden (New York), however.

They would play late, every single time, when they were our headliners. We would also have to reduce our set…I think they attempted to undermine us by opening late and playing too long. “

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Bouchard stated that it was so bad that he suggested to Pearlman to have Blue Oyster Cult open all shows to make Sabbath “more friendly.”

He also acknowledged that there had been other issues between the band members as the tour went on. One of BOC’s crew apparently made an offensive comment about Dio being 5’4 inches tall.

Bouchard said that Ronnie Dio was the same height as him. Because we’re all so short, I’m not sure why he’d be offended. We had to fire the roadie because it seemed stupid.

They actually took Dio’s roadie from that tour, but they didn’t do so. Bouchard then managed to antagonize Iommi.

Bouchard stated that he was also in trouble with Tony (Iommi guitar). He was right next to me, and it was like he had a date. I think I was interrupting his mood by playing my guitar in the hotel room. He couldn’t take it. “

In contrast, he was so good friends with Sabbath drummer Vinny Apice and have been close friends ever since.

Bouchard left Blue Oyster Cult himself in 1981.

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