Carol Vorderman: The Countdown Legend spills from an unzipped suit in the EYE-POPPING Photo


Carol Vorderman: The Countdown Legend spills from an unzipped suit in the EYE-POPPING Photo

Carol Vorderman didn’t leave much to imagination when she posted on Instagram and Twitter, showing her everyday clothes before going kayaking. Her unzipped swimsuit made it easy to see the Countdown icon’s many assets in this upload.

Although she left her one-piece untied, the 60-year old shared her happy snaps with her 465,000 micro-bloggers and 177,000 on picture-sharing site.

Carol wore her brunette hair down with a natural curl. She was braless underneath the black tight look. There were no sleeves or fastenings along the sides.

Brightly-coloured branding was placed across her middle to highlight her slim waist, and she seemed to be doing without make up.

Presenter, seen in her living room taking selfies before enjoying the UK’s warm weather.

Her tweet was captioned: “Another day. Another Welsh adventure.”

“Yesterday was ACE with Joe, Catch and Cook Pembrokeshire… and Hannah and Adam …. my friends (I live in them right now…they’re incredible @ProlimitHQ)

Carol went on to say on her other social page: “Every day is another adventure… this time we’re off to catch some fish on a kayak with Joe from @catch_and_cook_pembrokeshire and my mate @what_hannah_ate_next.

What could go wrong?” #Summer #kayakfishing#kayaking #wales#wetsuit

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The star, who had succeeded in spotting this tentacled creature minutes earlier, returned to her stories.

She wrote, “ENORMOUS white jellyfish…[probably] approximately a foot in diameter on the head and about two feet long,” alongside a video of it swimming underwater.

Shortly thereafter, the Countdown star was caught by the first fish in the group. Her friend filmed her reeling in the catch.

Vorders caught the first fish of the day. We’re not going hungry after all! She said.

Carol was seen trying to grab her catch before screaming, and then dropping it as it moved.

Carol was finally successful and proudly displayed her tiny catch, just before a friend dropped it in the ocean.

Even though he didn’t catch any large fish, the star was able to enjoy fresh sea bass dinner after watching an amazing sunset.

She often shares with her fans her experiences paddleboarding and kayaking, and her latest endeavor to create an outdoor storage box for her gear.

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