eBay cracks down steam deck scalpers

eBay is taking action against Steam Deck scalpers

We reported last week on scalpers who had used their PS4 Steam Deck reservation reservations to take to eBay, pricing the handheld at hundreds of pounds.

Multiple listings for the Steam Deck were available on eBay. All of them charged more than Valve’s asking price. Some sellers offered the hardware for more than PS1000.

These listings were removed by eBay, who told Eurogamer that they had violated its presale policy.

Digital Foundry’s Rich Leadbetter John Linneman, Alex Battaglia and Alex Battaglia meet to discuss Steam Deck. You can view the chapter points of each topic on YouTube.

All presale listings on eBay must promise that the item will arrive within 30 days after purchase. This was not possible due to the Steam Deck’s December release.

An eBay spokesperson said to Eurogamer that they understand the frustration gamers can feel when seeing too expensive listings for presale hardware.

Steam Deck listings on eBay before they were scrubbed from the site.

To comply with eBay’s presale policy listings must clearly state that they are presale’ items, and guarantee delivery within 30 days.

We are working to get rid of all listing of Steam Deck as the Steam Deck will not ship before next year.

eBay appears to have done a site sweep and taken down all Steam Deck listings. eBay uses block filter algorithm to stop items such as these from being listed, although scalpers sometimes find ways around them.

eBay stated that it could ban sellers if they sell anything that violates its policies.

Valve expects to have Steam Deck available for order in Q2 2022. This applies to all three models. The expected order availability windows refer to the date Valve “aims” to begin sending invitations. This is the time when Valve expects to convert your reservations into orders, and allow you to buy it.

Steam Deck listing on eBay claim that their reservation will ship in December. However, this could be misleading. Valve plans to begin sending out order invitations in December 2021.

Digital Foundry spoke out about Steam Deck’s new specs this week. They were called “promising” for storage and gaming performance.

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