Hoosiers chase Ohio State’s “gold standard” with Big Ten Title in your mind


Hoosiers chase Ohio State's "gold standard" with Big Ten
Title in your mind

INDIANAPOLIS — Coach Tom Allen of Indiana surveyed the surrounding area before he closed his remarks on Friday at Big Ten Media Days.

Then he spoke out with some forceful words.

Allen stated, “Love this place.” “Love Lucas Oil Stadium. Our goal is to finish our season here in December. 4.

Indiana at the Big Ten Championship Game?

This is testament to Bloomington’s true rebuilding spirit. The Hoosiers won 8 games in 2019, their first win since 1993. In the last season’s final, Indiana was 6-2. They swept Penn State and Michigan. In a season that was COVID-wrecked, the Hoosiers were the darlings of the Big Ten.

On Nov. 21st 2020, Indiana fell to Ohio State in a thrilling 42-35 defeat. This thriller showed that the Hoosiers are the Buckeyes best competitor in the Big Ten. Allen doesn’t hesitate to discuss this.

Allen stated, “They’re the gold standard” and said that they are who we should be chasing. “Chase is our one word to describe 2021.” Every day, we strive to achieve that level of greatness.

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Indiana’s 2021 encore is something worth keeping an eye on. It’s also fair to suggest they might be the most formidable competition in the Big Ten East. The argument could be made by Penn State or Michigan, but Indiana is the right team to make it.

It remains the gold standard. Since 1990, Indiana and Ohio State have been tied at the waist 26 times. Since a defeat of 41-7 on October 8, 1988, the Buckeyes have never been beaten by the Hoosiers.

This is what it takes to chase the dog. Allen is serious about this chase. Allen shared his story from Indiana’s first season. Allen wouldn’t allow his players to disrupt team huddles. Allen stated that it felt empty and didn’t convey enough.

These words must have a meaning.

Allen stated, “This offseason is the first time I have given my players permission to breakdown it on the ‘Big Ten champs’ so it comes down to vision and mindset.” The vision is clear. It is to return to the facility in order for Big Ten champions.”

Indiana is a state that has enough talent to remain a contender. After sustaining a torn ACL, Quarterback Michael Penix Jr. will be back in the 2020 season. Penix anticipates being ready to play against Sept. 4. In 2020, he was one of the best quarterbacks in conference. When he is healthy, it’s time to go.

Penix Jr. also is approaching this season with a championship-or-bust-mentality.

Penix Jr. stated, “That’s something that we expect to occur.” It’s an expectation. Coach Allen has always said that. This is something that we often talk about. Every day, we ask one another: “What was your winning strategy today for the Big Ten ?””?”

Ty Fryfogle, an Indiana receiver added that Coach Allen will do whatever he wants. We’ll do our best to get him wherever he wants us to.

Fryfogle averaged 19.5 yard per catch and had seven TDs. Micah McFadden, a linebacker in the Big Ten, was the leader with six sacks. Tiawan Mulder had three interceptions. Since 1988, Indiana has had only three selected players. This should change in 2022.

We are grateful to Allen. His pregame and aftergame locker room speeches made him a worldwide coaching superstar in 2020.

Allen stated that the culture was being shared across social media. I received many comments from recruits and parents about the videos and what drew them in to check it out. It’s all about performance and winning some games that we haven’t won before.

Ohio State is still that scheduled game. Penix’s win against Penn State was most prominent, but the Buckeyes loss to Ohio State was the greatest teaching moment. This is the place where it all begins.

Allen stated, “I wanted them understand how this chance to grow was important to us and to allow us to keep building this program.” Allen said, “That moment might have been just as significant in 2020 as it was after the tough loss.”

Despite Indiana’s shining moment at the moment, it is difficult to keep up with its schedule. On Sept. 4, the Hoosiers will open against Iowa and then face American Athletic Conference champion Cincinnati two week later. This year’s road games against Penn State and Michigan are played at Penn State. The Ohio State test is on Oct. 23.

However, the Hoosiers still believe in that vision. Fryfogle opted out of the NFL Draft this season. Allen’s speeches and motivational methods have been embraced by him.

This is what you can imagine. A player from Indiana wants to win the Big Ten title. This vision goes beyond Allen. These words are a sign of something.

Indiana, Big Ten champs? These are powerful words but Allen is serious.

Allen stated, “I’m not sure if this word is appropriate but I feel confident in saying that our goal is to win Big Ten East and play here Dec. 4,.” When you are a player, it is important to be allowed to speak. The media must give you permission to speak certain words. Your words must be held accountable. The power of words is in their hands. It is up to us to create these opportunities.”

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