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Italy has launched a digital COVID-19 certificate to allow it to be used for entertainment, cultural, and wellness venues. This is just days after France implemented a mandatory health pass that allows citizens to enjoy cultural and leisure activities in the country.

As countries find ways to allow non-essential business to operate safely during the pandemic, vaccine passports have become increasingly popular. Denmark launched the COVID-19 Pass scheme in Europe as the first to allow fully-vaccinated individuals, along with those who have tested negative, or are recovering from the virus, entry into places such as restaurants, museums, and theatres. France, which launched their own COVID-19 pass this week, followed the lead and now it is Italy.

To enter indoor venues such as museums, theatres, soccer stadiums or swimming pools, people must present evidence of their vaccinations, recovery from COVID-19, or any other recent negative test. According to the Italian government, the ‘green card’ is an extension of EU digital COVID-19 certificates and can be used indoors in bars or restaurants.

Italy's Covid-19 Green Pass For Post-Vaccine Travel
This pass encourages vaccine uptake.

As the Delta strain is rapidly spreading across Italy, the introduction of the green card will encourage vaccination uptake. Mario Draghi (Italian prime minister) said that the virus’s Delta strain is “menacing” at Thursday’s press conference. He said, “Without vaccines, we must close all again.”

You can present the green pass in digital or printed format. It is valid in Italy because it confirms that the holder of the green pass has received at least one dose (AstraZeneca or Pfizer Moderna, Johnson & Johnson) and has been tested negative within the past 48 hours.

To enter Italy, tourists who travel from the EU must present their EU digital COVID-19 certificates. They can then use this certificate from August 6 to access venues in the green pass scheme. They must have successfully completed their vaccine course if they are vaccinated.

Italy welcomes tourists from countries with low risk, such as the USA, Japan, and Canada. Travelers from these countries must show proof that they have been immunized before travelling to Italy. This is the CDC logo-emblazoned ‘whitecard’. Although it is possible that these health certificates can be used for entry into areas where a green card is needed, full details are still to be confirmed. Before you travel, always check out the most current government advice. More information about the green pass can be found here.

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