Max Payne is now 20

You could be driven mad by it. You could be set free.

This date was 2001, when Max Payne’s original version of Max Payne released to the public on PC.

The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 released it the next year.

Remedy Entertainment released an anniversary video to celebrate. It featured Sam Lake (the primary author of the game) and James McCaffrey (the voice actor for Max Payne). Payne’s iconic black leather jacket is also featured in the video.

Max Payne is best remembered for his ‘bullet-time’ feature. This slows down the time that Max uses to shoot down enemy.

The game came out when I was just two years old. I found the series through Max Payne 3’s announcement and returned to the original games via Steam. The neo-noir style, strong focus on narration, and Max’s famous quotes were all things I fell in love.

Rockstar’s inability to develop the series’ third installment in 2012 is a tragic tragedy.

Happy birthday Max! We hope to hear from you very soon.

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