Michael Jackson was ‘devastated’ and wanted Thriller to be destroyed. The tapes needed to be kept secret

All agreed that the negatives must be kept safe so Branca took them from the laboratories and placed them in Branca’s office.

The star was distraught and had taken refuge in his bedroom. The star was devoted to his church – he would even go doorstepping with a fake moustache and a hat to reach new converts – but he loved the Thriller videos he helped to create.

Bill Bray was Jackson’s security chief and called Landis to express concern about Jackson’s charge, who had not eaten in days.

Director described the broken and sad man that he met when he first arrived at Jackson’s Encino estate, Hayvenhurst House.

Landis stated that Bill and I knocked on the door and Michael lay there. Landis said that he felt so sorry. I replied, “Michael,” and he hadn’t. This was strange. It was strange.

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