Naomi Osaka light Olympic cauldron for 2021 Opening Ceremony; Billie Jean King and others praise

Set, game, and torch.

Naomi Osaka has had a busy summer, but Friday was a great day for tennis. The star player lit the Olympic cauldron after the closing ceremony to officially mark the beginning of the Olympic Games in 2021.

Many are pleased to report that the lighter of the cauldron remains a closely guarded secret.

Osaka had an upsetting few months. First she pulled out of the 2021 French Open. She cited the pressures and rigors in the media along with her mental state as the reasons why she couldn’t continue playing.

While she would not play at Wimbledon, she will be playing for Japan in the 2021 Olympiad. In September, she will also be playing in the U.S. Open.

Osaka has a growing resume: Osaka, a four-time winner of major events is considered to be one of the top tennis players worldwide regardless of gender. Now she can also add the Olympic torch lighting to her achievements.

Osaka was supported by his fans on Friday

You go, Naomi.

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