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Official PlayStation Podcast 404: Episode Not Found

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We did not upload an entire hour of silence to the internet for the gag of the 404, but we actually recorded a very hot episode of The Official PlayStation Podcast. Hope you like it!

Stuff We Talked About

  • The Director’s Cut of Ghost of Tsushima
  • Aloy in Genshin Impact
  • Ratchet & Clank in Fall Guys
  • Tribes from Midgard
  • Demons’ Souls
  • Dead Space
  • Strategy guides
  • Mythic Quest

The Cast

Cory Schmitz, Dormilon and Dormilon are both grateful for their beautiful logos and for the show-stopping theme song and music.

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Editor’s Note: PSN game releases dates can change at any time. Details about the games are gathered using press releases issued by their respective publishers, and/or ESRB ratings descriptions. []

Publited Fri, 23 July 2021 at 19:31.23 (+0000).

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