Olympics Opening Ceremony Video Game Music: Full List songs revealed

During the Tokyo opening ceremony for the 2020 Olympic Games, video game enthusiasts were catered to.

During the Parade of Nations segment of this ceremony, a lot of classic videogame music was featured.

The Dragon’s Quest theme was the first to be played, followed by Victory Fanfare in the Final Fantasy series.

They would continue to perform music from video games such as Monster Hunter, Kingdom Hearts and Phantasy Star, along with Namco’s Tales of series.

Sonic the Hedgehog fan were treated with a performance of the Star Light Zone theme. Nier’s Song of the Ancients was also performed.

Among the most surprising selections were music from Ace Combat, Gradius and Pro Evolution Soccer.

As the last nations were greeted by TV viewers, Soulcalibur’s Brave New Stage of History was closed.

Polygon pointed out that the absence of music from the famous Nintendo franchises is a bit surprising.

Personal note: I’d have liked to hear a few songs from Dark Souls or Bloodborne. However, Living Failures, Ceaseless Discharge and Living Failures don’t quite capture the Olympic spirit.

Here’s the complete videogame theme list starting with the Tokyo opening ceremony for the 2020 Olympics.

* Dragon Quest: ‘Overture Roto’s Theme’

* Final Fantasy: ‘Victory Fanfare.

* Tales from series – ‘Sorey’s Theme – The Shepherd’

* Monster Hunter- “Proof of Hero”

* Kingdom Hearts – ‘Olympus Coliseum’

* Chrono Trigger- “Frog’s Theme”

* Ace Combat — ‘First Flight.’

* Tales from series – “Pomp and Majesty”

* Monster Hunter- “Wind of Departure”

* The Chrono Trigger is a ‘Robo’s Theme.

Sonic the Hedgehog: ‘Star Light Zone.’

* Pro Evolution Soccer – ‘eFootball Walking-on Theme’

* Final Fantasy: ‘Main Theme.

* Phantasy Star Universe – ‘Guardians’

* Kingdom Hearts – ‘Hero’s Fanfare’

* Gradius – ’01 Act I-1′

* Nier — ‘Song of the Ancients.’

* SaGa Series – “The Minstrel’s Refrain: SaGa Series medley 2016”

* Soulcalibur- “The Brave New Stage of History”

Microsoft offers Xbox Gold subscribers the opportunity to free play the Olympic videogame.

Gold Microsoft subscribers will be able to download and play Sega’s Tokyo 2020 videogame as part of Microsoft’s Free Play Days Promotion. This promotion runs from today through the morning on July 26th.

There are 18 different events in the game, which include Basketball, Football and Skateboarding as well as Sprinting, Swimming, Sprinting, and Skateboarding.

You can also customize the game by adding cowboy hats or space helmets to your characters.

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