Petalcaps: Where can I find them in the New World?

New World offers many resources for keeping track and finding around Aeternum. This includes things like Saltpeter and Petalcaps. Petalcaps, unlike Saltpeter and basic Iron, are more rare and difficult to locate.

New World has many resources that are easy to locate and quick to harvest. It takes only a little bit of research to locate the base-level resource you are looking for.

Players can create maps to help them find more resources. Additional assistance may be required for items such as Saltpeter or Petalcaps.

New World has many locations where players can find Petalcaps. First, take a look at the map. Next, focus on the First Light area.

There are many resources available for Petalcap players.

The next step after arriving in the First Light region is to move northward towards the boundary of the area. You will find the border between First Light, Windsward. Here players can go west in search for Petalcap. There should be enough resources in that region to provide the items for everyone who is searching.

Petalcaps are tiny, green bushes that appear around the border. Although they can be difficult to spot, players will easily find them and can collect them along the border if they are not too close.

What are the Petalcap resources used for in New World?

Most of the new world resources can be used to create or reinforce items already in existence. Most of the resources serve an immediate function that is useful all through the game. Petalcaps are however a separate category.

Petalcaps are not part of crafting, but they can be used to create a new quest called Weakness of The Ego. To progress with the quest you will need to collect around 12 Petalcaps and another item named Rivercrest.

Both items will be useful for players attempting to pass through the Weakness of Ego.

Finding the Petalcaps may seem daunting at first. This is especially true if their location isn’t obvious. Once you know where they are located, it is easy to collect them in New World.

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