PS5 UK stock news: John Lewis PlayStation 5 console next restock

PS5 UK stock news: John Lewis PlayStation 5 console next restock

PS5 UK stock news: John Lewis PlayStation 5 console next restock

This week, PS5 stock was made available for purchase in the UK. GAME and Argos opened order for the PlayStation 5 again. More retailers are expected to open orders in the UK during July. ASDA may open orders for the PS5 from now through July 29th, with an expected restocking time between 8am-11am.

New information about the John Lewis PS5 next restock has been released.

The @PS5StockAlertUK twitter account suggests that John Lewis may be placing orders for the PS5 sometime between July 27 and July 29.

John Lewis may be selling just under 1,900 PS5 disc edition consoles.

According to the PS5 stock tracker, “PlayStation 5 (John Lewis), Exclusive News.

“Expected Shipment Arrival Date: 26/07. Shipping Stock Quantity: 1872

Just a heads-up, John Lewis expects to receive his console shipment on 26/07, and not when it will be live.

Drop Expected: 27 to 29 July


Between 7am and 9am BST, the John Lewis PS5 Restock will be available. As Sony’s new console has reached a major sales milestone, the PS5 stock update is now live.

According to VGChartz the PS5 has reached the milestone of 10 million consoles sold,

In 35 weeks, the PS5 has sold approximately 10 million units.

This is an even more impressive feat, since not only has the PS5 sold this many units faster than the PS4, which had 10million after just 39 weeks but this was despite continued stock shortages that have plagued the PS5’s launch last November.

William D’Angelo, VGChartz’s director of research, posted the following tweet: “It took the PS5 35 week to sell 10,000,000 units. It took the PS4 39 to achieve the same milestone.”

S should easily surpass 6 million units sold for the week ending July 17 estimates.”

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