Queen’s Brian May, on Freddie’s last plea: ‘He had passion at the finish. Inspiring’

Brian promotes the 1992 solo album Back To The Light, which he released. It contains two Top Ten hits, Too Much Love Will Kill You and Driven By You. However, the album has not been available for nearly two decades. On August 6, a new, remastered edition will be available with bonus material. This was recorded during Freddie’s last months. The Queen frontman famously recorded one of the singles, The Show Must Go On.

Brian spoke out about his personal grieving process in a fresh interview. He was grieving the loss of his best friend and the ending of his first marriage with Christine Mullen. Christine Mullen is the mother of his children. In 1991, he also lost to cancer his father Harold.

Brian stated that he knew at the moment that Freddie wasn’t coming back to me, and that Freddie was going to be my only child. However, Freddie and I were also losing our father and my family. It was dark and I looked for light .”

Amazingly, even as he battled the last months of his illness, Freddie kept his thoughts with his friend. Brian said to The Telegraph that Freddie told him, “We are not discussing this, but it is clear we know I will not be here for a lot more of the future. This is when you need to step up.” “

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Roger Taylor and Brian Taylor often spoke of Freddie’s final surge of creativity, and his astonishing vocal strength, despite being weak.

Brian discusses the incredible recording sessions that took place for The Show Must Go On in this interview.

He stated that he felt like removing the cap from a bottle about to burst. It was so hard for him to put in all his energy.

“Freddie had a passion that was infectious. His passion was infectious. Always .”

This iconic video includes archive footage of Queen performing onstage and filming for other videos as well as scenes featuring Freddie and his bandmates snoozing around. Brian is seen walking with a tiny penguin while Freddie has a lot of bananas covering his head.

Brian, along with everyone else, believed that the death of Freddie represented the end of Queen. However the music and legacy of Queen survived and are now being carried on by Adam Lambert.

Brian continues to love stereoscopy and astronomy, while also continuing to work on environmental issues. However, music is still at the core of all things.

Following Freddie’s lead, he recorded and released Back To The Light 1992. While he was battling with various health problems and personal demons, Freddie found it hard to listen to the entire album during lockdown.

He stated that he thought, “I still am the exact same person.” He said: “I still have the same struggles and the same pains, as well as the same passion. This was after Queen’s final chapter. I was looking for a fresh light and a new direction. It is still it in a certain way. “



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