Seagate 20TB hard drives will soon be available in gaming PCs Your Steam library


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SSDs might wow more than hard drives with their sky-high transfer speeds and portability, but Seagate’s recent plan for its new consumer HDDs will still pique interest. Previously, its mammoth 20TB hard drives were exclusive for enterprise use, but it plans to bring them to the public later this year, according to Seeking Alpha.

The best gaming computer still has traditional hard drives, which offer a great price per gigabyte. A large HDD such as this might be the most cost-effective way to reduce the load on your NVMe drive, especially when older games aren’t really benefiting from solid state storage.

Seagate notes that its 20TB hard drives still can use its long-standing PMR technology, but a new HAMR design (Heat-assisted magnet recording) can store even more data. It’s not yet known how much the new model will cost, however the Seagate 10TB Barracuda Pro HDD MSRP at $349.99 gives an indication of what the future price range might be.

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Publited Fri, 23 July 2021 at 17:09:23 (+0000).


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